Have you noticed it’s been cold?

I don’t want to be all terribly English and talk about the weather. Well, actually, I do. It’s been blooming freezing these last few weeks making it increasingly difficult to make it out of bed, let alone get dressed up all stylish and head out on the town.

Last year I wrote about staying stylish and warm and they’re still handy tips but this weekend I spent an awful lot of time indulging in another nice way to stay warm.

Mulled Wine.

Of course Mulled Wine won’t keep me warm alone, so when I ventured outside the house this weekend I also wrapped myself up in a huge furry coat.

❤ Beret - eBay ❤ Jumper - Primark ❤ Brooch - Vintage from a Boot Fair ❤
❤ Trousers - Hobbs via a Charity Shop ❤ Boots - Hush Puppies ❤ Coat - Next circa 2004 ❤

You can’t really see my new boots in that picture, being hidden under my nice warm wool trousers. With the help of Twitter I eventually decided on this pair of Hush Puppies. They’re a dark enough brown to wear with black, but light enough to wear with brown and tan.

I went to what was allegedly a Medieval Market at Dragon Hall in Norwich, but to be honest it just seemed to be mostly the same old stuff you see at Craft Fairs except they’d forced the stall holders to dress up like medieval serfs. Queen Elizabeth was good though, as was the mulled wine.

How are you staying warm?