Time for another review!

I have loads of beauty reviews lined up for the New Year, so get used to it! This one, however, has been a long time coming. You might remember aaaallll the way back in September; when I THOUGHT it was cold, but had no idea of what was on the way; I got a goodie bag from Simple as a thank you for judging their Teen Blogger competition. I gave some away, and promised to review others, well this is the first one I’ve got round to reviewing!

Introducing the Simple Kind to Eyes revitalising eye roll-on.

The blurb:

Smile, it's Simple. When your skin's happy and fresh faced, you feel healthier and happier too!
Simple's Revitalising Eye Roll-On contains a refreshing eye gel formulated with cucumber extract
and vitamin goodness to wake up and reduce puffiness and revitalise tired eyes.
The innovative roller ball applicator instantly cools and gently massages the delicate eye area.
Perfect for even sensitive skin.

The reality:

Well, I’m not going to bother illustrating this review with before and after pictures of my eyes as you won’t see any difference. That’s not to say, however, that it doesn’t work. Personally I don’t suffer hugely with puffy under eyes. I get dark circles and the skin gets dry very easily. As a contact lens wearer I am also prone to occasionally getting very dry eyes that make my eyes feel tired and “droopy”

I’ve been carrying the eye roll-on around with me in my handbag for a couple of months now and I’ve been using it whenever my eyes feel like that, and I have to say I love it. The cucumber extract and the metal roller ball mean it feels really cold when you apply it and it instantly makes my eyes feel brighter and more awake, and therefore, by extension, ME feel more awake, perkier and brighter. As it dries I also feel a slight tightening sensation, making me think if you are prone to puffy eyes you may experience some temporary relief, but I can’t vouch for that. The product made no difference to my dark circles, but then, I can’t see anywhere on the packaging that it claims to, so why would it!

Another thing I liked about the product was that I had no problem using it over make up. It wasn’t so liquid that my eye make up ended up heading down my face and it’s also lasted 2 months without any sign of running out, so I won’t be having to replace it any time soon.

Like most Simple products (in my opinion) it’s of the “does what it says on the tin” variety. It doesn’t make any astounding claims of permanent results. It just claims to revitalise tired eyes, and that’s what it does

The eye roll-on costs £4.99 a tube in Boots. This is pricey, but about half the price of other products that claim to do similar things. I’ve never bought one of these eye roll-ons myself, as frankly my beauty budget extends to “keep skin clean and not spotty” I regard anything claiming to “brighten”, “refresh” or “relieve” as a luxury I can ill afford. I would, however, probably replace this when it runs out, for 2 reasons. Firstly because it’s lasted so long that it’s hardly a regular habit that’s going to leave me skint, and secondly because I sit in front of a laptop all day, wearing contact lenses and it’s amazing the difference that having refreshed eyes makes to how I feel in general, not just my eyes!

The verdict:

If you work at a PC and suffer from tired eyes then it’s totally worth the money. If you don’t have that problem, don’t bother!

Simple Kind to Eyes Revitalising Eye Roll on is available in Chemists or online at Boots here priced £4.99