Here at Retro Chick HQ I’m winding down a little for Christmas.

It’s time to get into the festive spirit (Gin? Vodka? Whisky?), deck the halls and relax a little. The Christmas Stocking is in the post to the lucky winner of the giveaway and I’m planning on doing some frantic exercise in an attempt to minimise the mince pie damage so I can sit down in the 1950s wiggle dress I plan to wear on New Years Eve.

I still have Christmas presents to buy, so sensible shoes for a walk (slide?) into town are in order this afternoon, and I’ll still be heading off to the Post Office right up until it shuts on Christmas Eve, so if you’re looking for a last minute New Years Eve party frock there’s still a chance it’ll make it!

In the mean time I’ve been collecting vintage Christmas photos from around the web so I’ll leave you with a bit of festive spirit to be getting on with.

I can’t remember where I found all these I’m afraid so sorry for lack of credit!