Ok, so everyone’s back to work and New Years Eve seems like a million years away.

I thought I’d allow myself a few more days to try and shake off this hideous sinus killing cold thing before I came back to work proper. It’s still hanging around, but I thought I better somehow find the strength to share my New Years outfit sometime before February.

As you probably heard me mention, New Years Eve was Hawaiian themed at the Bo Nanafana Social Club this year. I returned to the poodle hair do that I tried from the Style Me Vintage book, I hated it first time, but it was quite popular in the comments! With the addition of a few flowers and some adaptation of the fringe curls I actually quite like it now and was pleased with how it worked out.

Sorry if the details not great, these photos are all taken on my iPhone as the rush of getting ready meant I neglected to take any proper photos with my proper camera!

The outfit was a last minute substitute as I am far too fat for my lovely white 50s wiggle dress (I don’t normally make resolutions, but I’m right there on the losing weight this year!

I wore a black sarong dress, complete with Hawaiian hot pants as it was quite revealing (even more revealing if you wave your skirt around for photos!). My bamboo soled Miss L Fire wedges (last seen here!) were just made for the occasion, and meant that I didn’t spend the night crippled from silly shoes. Hurrah!

❤ Dress - Wallis via a Charity Shop ❤ Hot Pants - New Look "Limited Edition" ❤ Belt - Primark ❤
❤ Shoes - Miss L Fire via eBay ❤ Orchid (in hair) - Flamingo Amy ❤ Purple Lily (in hair) - Abilu Creations ❤
❤ Lei - eBay ❤ Handbag - Vintage ❤ Bracelet & Earrings - Notorious Kitsch

As ever a fantastic evening was organised by the wonderful Bo Nanafana Social Club. I wasn’t a great deal of fun as my terrible lurgy meant I was too exhausted to dance and talking over the music was complicated by a sore throat, but I enjoyed myself engaging in some people watching, taking in the cabaret and enjoying the fabulous Bikini Beach Band. At one point I offered a helping hand to a poor girl who’d had a wardrobe malfunction and needed to be forcibly removed from her polka dot playsuit so she could use the toilet, but mostly I did this (coconut models own, yes, I took my own drinking vessel)

The venue was so gorgeously decorated and filled with people in Summer finery that it was quite easy to forget how frosty and cold it was outside and convince yourself you were sipping pina coladas in a hotel bar in warmer climes. *Sigh* Roll on Summer.

Well, that’s it for today, I shall return tomorrow, and when I do it will be with an exciting review and giveaway that might help brighten up January for several of you!

I shall leave you now with some “hilarious” bonus photos of me attempting a Hawaiian dance.