I confess I’m finding this January even harder than usual.

Probably being ill over Christmas and New Year has stolen the normal bounce from my step and I feel a little like there’s nothing to look forward to. I’m poorly motivated and drained of ideas and I feel a little adrift. I should be organising meetings, coming up with colaborations and new business ideas for Retro Chick, but instead I’m watching Dickinson’s Real Deal in my pyjamas at an unhealthy hour of the day.

Hopefully I’ll perk up a little now I’ve kicked off the cold, and I don’t want to mope around too much on the blog. I’m normally quite good at kicking myself out of these things, and I was indeed planning a January Blues post on little ways to perk yourself up. I felt, however, that seeing as I’m failing to drag myself out of my January Blues it might be a little hypocritical.

So instead I spent the morning looking at blue frocks.

No point wasting a good title and looking at dresses is as good a way to cheer yourself up as any.

Blue is a great colour. There’s a shade for everyone and it can look anything from funky and bright in electric shades to conservative and formal in navy. In it’s darker shades it’s as slimming as black but far easier on pale winter skin tones.

Here’s my favourites…..

Pin Up Couture Sheen Queen Dress – Modcloth $117.99

This style of dress is my favourite, because I know it suits my body shape. It has a wide collar, fitted waist and full skirt that will look fabulous with a petticoat, in a mood brightening cobalt blue.

Vintage 30s Foga Blue Dress – Sotto Le Stelle Fashion on eBay US £82.81

I love this medium blue 1930s crepe dress. It has a sequin insert on the bodice and the sleeves are a fabulous shape.

Old Town Dress – Lady K Loves £55

A perfect dress for if Spring ever turns up. The white stripe gives it a vaguely nautical air.

Twist Satin Embellished Maxi Dress – Oasis £80 £40

I love how the High Street has taken to calling evening dresses Maxi Dresses. To me the maxi dress implies something more casual. This is a gorgeous satin evening dress that make me think of episodes of Poirot where everyone dresses for dinner. AND it’s in the sale.

50s Steel Blue Grey Embroidered Taffeta Gown – Flour Clothing on Etsy £74.30

Lordy this is lovely. I’d be selling organs right now to buy it, only my waist hasn’t been 25″ since I was 14. Oh well, good job really, I need my kidneys.

Vintage 50s Blue Brocade Dress – The Looking Glass on eBay £68

Another glamorous, striking blue dress in a glamorous brocade and in a slightly larger size.

Mango Contrast Belted Dress – Mango at ASOS £54.90 £39.90

Proof that blue can be conservative! This is such a versatile dress, really simply styled in this picture, but you could wear it with a sensible bun and court shoes for a work look, or add seamed stockings and an elaborate up do for a far more glamorous look.