Not me, actually.

It’s probably been a good 8 years since I last wore a pair of shorts. I have a long body, short legs and wide hips and there’s nothing more guaranteed to make me look hideous than drawing horizontal lines across the widest part of my body.

Recently, though, I’ve been looking at those lovely high waisted, 40s style shorts and wondering if maybe, just maybe I could get away with them? The leg lengthening effect of a high waist band, combined with a pair of sky high wedges might just make them wearable for hot summer days.

In fact maybe, if I wear them like that, I’ll look like Lana Turner or Ginger Rogers (though I’ll give the fur bikini top a miss…)

That’s right, and maybe they’re magic shorts. Maybe they’re the portal to a magical fairy universe where chocolate and cocktails aren’t fattening and no one voted for Jedward to win X Factor.

So whilst one trip to the shops will no doubt dispel my leggy pin up fantasies, that doesn’t stop me knocking up a wish list of the best vintage style high waisted shorts for Summer. I’ve tried to steer clear of those button up sailor shorts which look so adorable on the leggy and slim, but can only serve to highlight the failings of the rest of us by slapping big eye drawing buttons up the middle!

Tara Starlet Striped Shorts £48

Pretty and elegant, but *ouch* that’s pricey for a pair of shorts.

Lady K Loves Pleat Shorts £35

High waisted, and with wide pleated legs to avoid any unsightly digging in and make your thighs look only willowy and slender. Look like they should be teamed with a crisp white fitted blouse, a vintage tennis racket and a gin and tonic.

Vivien of Holloway Shorts £35

Modelled here by the lovely Fleure De Guerre who needs no help in the willowy thighs department. The winged patch pockets are a handy distraction technique and draw the eye upwards, they could add extra bulk to the hippy though.

Freddies of Pinewood Casual Black Shorts £35

A far more casual short, tied at the waist with a bandana.

What do you think?

Are you brave enough to wear pin up shorts? Are they a flattering style or are they only for the tall and willowy?