It’s time for another red lipstick review.

I’ve been putting off reviewing this lipstick for a long time, as although it’s a really popular one, I just don’t like it! However, I thought it was time that it got it’s place on the chart so we can see how I find it compares to the other lipsticks.

Today’s review is MAC lipstick in Ruby Woo priced at £13.50

As you can see I found it the worst of the “premium” brands I’ve reviewed. It’s lasting power might have scored a little better if it hadn’t been so dry that I ended up picking it off or putting on lip balm which made it slide within about an hour!

The Blurb

Refreshingly little blurb for MAC lipsticks. It’s not going to change my life just make my lips a different colour.

Colour plus texture for the lips. Stands out on the runway. Simmers on the street! What made M·A·C famous.

The Pros

Despite the fact that I obviously didn’t like this lipstick it DOES have Pros! It’s a nice bright bluey red colour. Very vivid, and very matte for those who like a really matte lipstick. The packaging isn’t tremendously exciting, but it is sturdy and has been in the bottom of my handbag for nearly a year with nothing more than a few surface scuffs.

For a photo shoot I think this would be a great lipstick. It’s highly pigmented, matte so it won’t flash and lasts really well (in the short term, more on that later!)

The lipstick on my lips…….

The Cons

I just CANNOT wear this lipstick. I put it on in the morning, within 2 hours my lips are so dry that I can’t stop chewing them, then I put lip balm on and by lunch time it’s all gone apart from an irritating and unattractive line around the outside of my lips that I have to rub off and turn to one of my trusty top 3 lipsticks.

It’s so dry that I find that it drags my lips when I apply from the tube and actually getting it to load a lipbrush if the weather is cold isn’t that easy either.

I was incredibly disappointed as I’d heard a lot of people swear by this lipstick. I spent my own money on it and really wanted to love it, but I really don’t.

The Verdict

Personally, I wouldn’t buy this lipstick again. I have heard that Russian Red is less drying, but my experience here makes me less inclined to shell out on another!

If you’re a fan of very matte, dry lipsticks, or looking for a good shade for photoshoots, then maybe this is for you.

This time I have gone for the beautiful background of the inside of our car for the full face photo. Shooting on location is so much fun…..

I also look a bit starey eyed. Sorry!

MAC Russian Red can be bought from MAC counters, on from MAC online for £13.50