Brrr. The weathers taken a sudden turn for the chilly.

I don’t mind though as it gives me a chance to bring out my most glamorous coat. Yesterday I went to a “Thanksgiving ceremony” for my Sisters 2 children, and I wore my Astrakhan coat with a cosy fur collar to fight off the Church chill.

❤ Hat - Vintage ❤ Coat - Vintage ❤ Dress - Vintage Kitty Copeland❤
 ❤ Gloves - Vintage ❤ Shoes - From a Charity Shop ❤

Both the coat and hat came from Break Vintage, a charity shop specialising in Vintage near Norwich. The gloves are gorgeous black chiffon and were a gift from Antidote Vintage as I’d been trying to find a decent pair of black fancy gloves for a reasonable price for ages!

The coat is Astrakhan, or Persian Lamb, though I’m not entirely convinced it’s real as I can’t see the pale skin through the coils. It is gorgeously heavy and warm though, and it does have a real fur collar (sorry fur haters, for confirmation on my thoughts on fur read this.) and fastens with 2 huge buttons covered in the same Astrakhan material.

The hat is St Michael, it has some very slight moth damage, but nothing major. I normally wear it with a hat pin, but I managed to forget to take any with me down to Kent, so had to secure it with a couple of hair grips. I think it’s 1950s and it has a lovely bow detail at the back.

Underneath the coat I wore my purple Kitty Copeland dress that you’ve seen at least 3 times before, so I’ll only bore you with it again due to the fact that purple appears to be a popular colour with the women in my family. My Nana, Mum and Sister all completely independently chose to wear purple dresses as well.

I’m still fighting off that horrible cold, so all sympathy welcome!

How was your weekend?