Sorry for the sudden silence…..

Retro Chick has once again outgrown its little home on a shared server, and after much soul searching (and attempts at penny pinching) I have had no choice but to move it to a bigger, fancier (and more expensive!) home.

I’ve been sorting it out and moving files since Tuesday afternoon, the name server whatsits are now pointed at the new home, but it can take 48 hours to switch over, so you’re probably seeing this on the old server still, or maybe you’re not. I didn’t want to risk producing any of my normal scintillating pearls of wisdom, only to have them disappear to the interwebular ether, never to be seen again, so till next week, this is your lot!

I also have a cold and so far January sucks. So if I could get a massive “Aw Diddums” I’m sure it will make me feel MUCH better.


The only other bit of news I have is that I appear to have been nominated for a “style blogger” award by Company magazine! There’s a special vintage category, and I’m in the “overall winner” category at the end. I know no more about it I’m afraid as I only found out via a tweet last night, but I’m not one to sniff at an awards nomination, whatever it is!

The voting is a little odd as there appear to be several duplicates in my category and in the overall winner category I’m the only one that for some reason warrants an //www. in front of the blog name. You also HAVE to vote in every category, whether you’ve heard of any of the blogs or not. If you do fancy popping over and voting for me then you can do so here and it if you put your email address in you also get the chance to win £250 of New Look vouchers!

Right, TTFN! See you next week (hopefully)