MUA is a brand that several people mentioned when I asked for brands to review.

It’s SUPER cheap, and I mean super cheap. It cost just one measly pound for a lipstick. If I am ever utterly destitute I know that a trip to Superdrug and I will be able to remain red lipped for ever.

Todays lipstick review is MUA lipstick in shade 13.

But first, the chart.

You can see it scores equally with the Natural Collection, the Natural Collection is double the price, but at this level that means little!

The Blurb

Make a statement with our show stopping lip stick, available in 16 shades. Make Up Academy provides trend shades on a budget, allowing you to achieve the latest looks without breaking the bank!


No complicated claims. It costs £1.

The Pros

I was pleasantly surprised when I put the lipstick on my lips. It felt very silky and glossy. It’s hard to describe the texture really, but almost oily came to mind. It was very easy to apply, the texture reminded me of the Du Wop Private Red where I felt you had to be quite careful in application as it was difficult to get a neat lip line right from the tube.

If you blot and reapply the shade several times it’s possible to get a good matt stain that will last a couple of hours before needing reapplying. I really liked the shade as well, the lipstick isn’t highly pigmented, but that makes it very wearable for day time and easy to adjust the intensity of the shade.

Another pro that has to be mentioned is the price. It costs £1, if you want to experiment with new shades, that’s the price point you want!

On my lips it looks like this….

The Cons

First con for me is the packaging. The very first time I took the plastic shrink wrap off the outside the whole thing fell to pieces. The red shade sample at the bottom is actually filled with lipstick and it fell off and I ended up covered in it. If that happens in my handbag then that will also be my phone, purse, important documents, pens, old receipts and hair grips covered in it. Then I opened it and the twist up mechanism didn’t work, I had to bang the lipstick on the table to get it to go back down inside the tube, then it wouldn’t wind up again.

Even for a pound a lipstick that you can’s actually use properly is a waste of money.

The lipstick doesn’t last long, it will definitely need reapplying after eating, even if you’re super careful the rest of the time, so you will need to carry it with you.

I wasn’t particularly keen on the glossy finish either, though it can be blotted down fairly easily.

The Verdict

I wouldn’t buy it again. If I needed a really cheap lipstick I would buy the Natural Collection. When the packaging broke I posted on Facebook and several people replied saying “It cost £1, just buy another one!”. I really hate this. It seems so wasteful to throw away a used lipstick, let alone to buy the same lipstick twice just because the packaging isn’t up to standard. I would rather a very basic packaging with a slider than something that tried to be better than it actually is and fails.

It is worth £1, definitely, but if you’re so skint you can’t afford the £1.99 option then you probably shouldn’t be buying lipstick!

Finally, a picture of me wearing the lipstick. I would add that isn’t a huge Mickey Mouse ear growing out the side of my head, it is the old 78 record (unplayable) that has been transformed into a necklace storage device!

 MUA Lipstick is available from Superdrug priced £1