I spent this weekend in London at a Most Curious Vintage Wedding Fair.

Well, I actually spent Friday night in the pub with Mr Chick, Cathy from Perdita’s Pursuits and His Lordship, there were scotch eggs and London prices were paid for beer. Then on Saturday I spent the day in Bethnal Green at A Most Curious Vintage Wedding Fair. We did the Norwich wedding fair on the coldest day ever back in February, and I’m glad to say this weekend was a bit warmer!

We took along our Pop Up Library, and were also on Flicks ‘n’ Lips duty, showing Brides to Be how to make their lipstick last beyond the Ceremony. It was just me and Lucy this weekend as Kerry was taking a break to celebrate her birthday.


In fact we have an all new Pop Up Library courtesy of Mr Chick. It folds flat and doubles as a pretty screen when it’s not being used as a bookshelf! Look, purty.

The fair was a fantastic day, and so busy! We were rushed off our feet so I barely got time to look around. I failed to get free Oysters from Oyster Boy who was wandering round in a kilt and a chain mail glove, but I did manage to get a free dry martini from Volupte so I can’t really complain.

We packed up and drove straight back to Norwich after the Fair, so we missed out on the after party, sadly.

Being back in Norwich did mean that I was up bright and early (ish) on Sunday for BOOT FAIRS! Hurrah for Spring! I came home with folding tables, 2 suitcases, a nice round mirror, 2 more 1950s Babycham Glasses (is 14 glasses enough yet?) and this gorgeous lot of green glass for £1 each (please excuse the fact I badly need to dust my cocktail cabinet).

The other thing I got this weekend is a funky new iPhone 4 cover to hopefully stop me hurling it to the floor and smashing it to pieces. It was sent to me by Iconemesis and features a design by Norwich based illustrator Gemma Correll. Norwich is just full of brilliant people called Gemma….

Did you get anything good this weekend?