I hate to mention the ‘C’ word. Christmas, that is.

But the cooling weather brings party season inexorably to mind. Sadly no one has yet invited me to an amazing Christmas Ball, but there’s still time, and yesterday I received an email about the new Phase 8 range, Collection 8.

Phase 8 isn’t a brand that I often pay much attention to, but the dresses in the email stopped me in my tracks, so I thought they were worthy of a Friday Frock Love.

The collection is 8 limited edition dresses with luxury detailing, and some gorgeous vintage styling. The dresses have a luxurious 20s and 30s feel. They’re not cheap, starting at £250, but for a special occasion frock that you can pull out again, and again it can maybe be justified?

These are my favourites from the collection.

Paloma Dress £275

Beautiful detailing, and a glamorous red with a fishtail hem. This has a glamorous 1930s feel.

Cinderella £250

The nude colour and beading feels very 1920s.

Petra £300

A darker embroidered dress with a nude underlay. Feels a bit Film Noir Femma Fatale for a 30s 40s evening look.

The collection launches in October, so if you need a gorgeous frock keep your eyes on the Phase Eight website as they will be available there, and in 8 other Phase Eight locations. (There’s a definite ‘8’ theme here)