Septembers Stats…

Start Weight: 11st 7lb

Weight Now: 11 st 5 lb

Monthly Loss: 2lb

Total loss: 14lb

Waist: 29.5″

Miles Run: 55.12

Average Distance per run: 3.6 miles

Takeaways eaten: Numerous

Beers Drunk: Many

A montly review seems more useful than a weekly blather about how many takeaways I’ve eaten. The answer, in September, was “lots”. I have well and truly lost the healthy eating mojo. Colder weather, stress, and being far more hungry since I started running are my current excuses, but I really must stop using them and just face up to the fact that I’m really a bit of a piggy. I have managed to lose 2lb over the month, but I suspect that is more luck than judgement.

My first 10k is now exactly 2 weeks away and I’m a little nervous. I’ve been doing interval runs, which are the work of the devil, in an attempt to improve my speed. Next week on the ASICs training plan I will be running a couple of 10ks for practice so lets see if they’re any easier.They better be or I shall be writing a strongly worded letter of complaint to no one in particular.

I am still troubled with pain in my right shin particularly and my right hip flexor, so I’m planning to try some strength training exercises to try and strengthen the muscles. I buy pretty much every running magazine I see in the shops so one of them’s bound to have a helpful routine, I think you have to actually do the exercises, rather than just read the magazine while drinking beer in front of the TV. Shame.

Septembers Acheivements

Completed the Braydeston 5k in just under 30 minutes.

Completed a 10k run in training.

Completely undeservedly lost 2lb

October Goals

Plan meals ahead.

Drink less alcohol on week nights.

Add some strength training to my exercise routine.

Complete the Mariotts Way 10k, target time is under an hour, not that hopeful on the time!