Todays outfit isn’t todays outfit at all.

It’s actually the outfit I wore on Wednesday when I went to London for a couple of press days, but the photos are taken in Norwich. Got it? No? Who cares, I like it, it’s a good late Autumn outfit! It’s another one inspired by Lena Hoschek’s Autumn Winter 2010 collection, which seems to creep it’s way into a lot of my outfits when it’s cold!

❤ Beret- eBay ❤ Cravat – c/o Swagger & Swoon ❤ Shirt – Gap ❤
❤ Trousers – Heyday VS ❤ Shoes – Somewhere cheap ❤

With trousers I call it my “1930s Lesbian” look as it’s got obvious touches of Marlene Dietrich about it with the masculine trousers, cravat and the beret. I can’t pull off the serious Marlene Dietrich look all that well, though, and am all too prone to grinning like a loon when a camera is pointed at me.

The cravat was sent to me by Swagger & Swoon, so I now have one of my own instead of stealing them from Mr Chicks wardrobe. They’re actually really good to wear in winter as not only do they keep your neck warm, but if you tuck them down your front they’re like an extra layer to keep you warm all over!

I did have a go at using straighteners and wave clips to add a bit of a finger wave to the front of my hair. It was really quick, far quicker than trying to wet set, and actually has had almost the desired effect, I think with a bit more experimentation I could get them perfect. I really must dedicate more time to playing with my hair, my priorities are all wrong.