November Stats…

Start Weight: 11st 4lb

Weight Now: 11 st 6lb

Monthly Gain: 2lb

Total loss: 12lb

Waist: 29.5″

Miles Run: 38.27

Average Distance per run: 4.2

Oh dear…..

So much for getting under 11 stone, I have, in fact, gained 2lb this month. I was possibly being a little optimistic. November is my Wedding Anniversary and 2 nights away inclusive of full breakfast and 3 course dinner were largely responsible for those 2lb. What I am disappointed in is that I didn’t manage to lose them again. Still 2lb is a piddling amount in the grand scheme of things and the big news is that I now HAVE A COOKER!

A whole new world of food that isn’t takeaway is in front of me, if I can only remember how to cook. I am thus hoping to buck the tradition and lose a little weight in December.No, really, I am (silently puts away marshmallow swets and Christmas beer)

I’ve still been running, and even managed to increase my miles per run a little, which I’m hoping to keep up. I missed 2 runs this month once as I was travelling and there was nowhere convenient, and another because of a terrible cold, but hey ho, life gets in the way and we do what we can! This month was also the Adnams 10k, which was fun, but hard work!

Overall I’m not going to chalk November up as a huge success in my weight loss campaign, but if next month wasn’t December it wouldn’t have been a huge stumbling block either, at least my clothes still fit! Fitness wise, I guess I’ve held position, and I’m still *just* on target to hit my fitness goals by Christmas Eve.


Novembers Acheivements

Completed the Adnams 10k in 1:02:35

Continued improving strength (hey, I can do SEVEN press ups now, oh yeah)

GOT A COOKER! Yes, this is an achievement. I can cook now!

Increased cross training

Increased mileage per run

Decembers Goals

Realistically? Maintain my weight over Christmas. I’m only human!

Hit my fitness goals set in November