Well, another tricky one with a long drive, in fact, a drive that was 70 miles longer than it needed to be as by not paying attention we missed about 5 exits on the M25 and ended up driving all the way round it clockwise to get from Kent to Norfolk rather than going anti clockwise across the Dartford Bridge.

Still at least this particular drive ended up at my house so my run in the dark didn’t involve looking like a stealthy running ninja with no fear for their own safety.


I felt quite exhausted after a long trip, and it’s been a bit of an exhausting few days. I talked myself out of the door by promising myself I wouldn’t go fast and that I could do the short 1.2 mile loop if I was too tired, though I wanted to do a slightly longer run tonight ideally.

I dumped my luggage, ate half a trek bar as lunch was a long time ago, got changed and headed out before I had time to think about it.

I did go slower, my first mile was 10 minutes, but that’s far closer to a comfortable speed for me, so by the time I got to my “I can take the short bit if I want” point I was fine and carried on.

Gemma Stats

In the end I did 2.5 miles. I stopped half way up a very irritating hill just before my house, and walked the last .3 miles of that particular route.

My average pace wasn’t too bad really as I was deliberately taking it slow and wasn’t actually too exhausted when I got home. I am starting to feel a few twinges in my shins, so I need to pay a bit more attention to my stretches again.


Friday is also weigh in day for me and the good news is I’ve already lost 3lb of the 4lb I put on over Christmas. See, I told you the body is good at flushing out mulled wine and cheese.

Now I’m about to ruin it all by eating pizza for tea because it is Friday and I am tired.