Yes, that’s my living room floor again.


I am so disappointed. We drove up the road we normally run along today and it loks magical. heavily snow laden trees overhanging the road and the woods either side look like a Christmas card. It would be beautiful to run through, but unless I rig up some kind of running snow plough/ice breaker/grit machine to attach to my waist it can’t be done. We could see a few people trying to walk on the pavements in that special flat footed careful “walking on ice” way.

So another dull 1.2 living room miles around a pretend Wii Fit Island it is.

Gemma Stats

Ah well, at least I did it, you don’t think a bit of snow is going to get in my way. I expect it’ll be more of the same tomorrow. How dull.

The top in this picture is a new Shock Absorber Gym bra that I will review if I ever get to do anything I consider proper exercise in it.


I am going out for a meeting (at a pub, bad idea) tonight, so dinner will probably be some noodles grabbed before I leave. Overall an uninspiring day, sorry!