Sigh. I am unmotivated.

Stupid ridiculous weather. If I was at home I might have been able to go out, though it would have been tricky as the snow is now 6″ deep in places. In slushy, sheet ice Kent I just can’t, at least not with my shoes in the area I’m in.

I don’t give up that easily, so even though it doesn’t really feel like the spirit in which I signed up to Janathon I did another dispiriting indoor mile.

It was so dispiriting I didn’t even remember to take the obligatory photo of my feet in trainers, so here’s them now, barefoot. Coz, I know you can’t cope without a daily picture of my feet….


I’m feeling quite demotivated. January has been a tough month overall, and all my runs have been rushed and short. I suppose if it hadn’t been for Janathon I might not have been out at all, so that’s a good thing. I feel a little out of control and both my diet and running have been more chaotic than I hoped.

Here’s to warmer and longer days coming.

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