I say Snow day, but in reality it’s more like a snow week.

Norwich has been under snow now since last Monday, and as of this morning there was about 6″ outside. I’m getting a little tired now of only being able to wear the one pair of boots I own with grip on the soles. Especially since shortly “pre snow” I took delivery of 2 very lovely pairs of shoes that I just can’t wear.

For todays snow outfit I appear to have inadvertantly dressed as an Edwardian woman. Though my primary interest was warmth.


❤ Hat – Vintage via a Charity Shop ❤ Blouse – vintage via Magpie in Leamington Spa ❤
❤ Skirt – M&S via a Charity Shop ❤ Boots – Hush Puppies ❤

The skirt is wool, and brilliantly warm, the blouse I bought this weekend in Leamington Spa (more on that later this week!) It’s a little too big, but seeing as this outfit was actually just for comfort and warmth to travel in I thought it didn’t really matter. I just love the colour, it’s such a rich purple and only cost £5.

The hat I am wearing mostly because it won’t fit in my suitcase without squashing. It’s black velvet, probably late 50s I think, with an interesting twisted design at the front. Best of all it was only £3.99 in a Charity Shop in Banbury. A Charity Shop that was also selling some hideous Polyester 80s monstrosity for £19.99 with the word “vintage” scrawled on the label. Hmmm……


The snow is so nice and deep and fresh that I even indulged in some snowball throwing. I do not do snowball throwing, and I think that the reason is clear. People are in very little danger of being hit by me, as I think can be seen from these photos. I throw like an idiot. Though that may be doing a disservice as I am sure there are many, many idiots out there that are perfectly capable of hitting someone with a snowball, in fact I’m sure there are, which is why I’ve never been much of a thrower of snowballs.
 The idiots hit me, I am incapable of hitting them back.

Lets pretend it’s because my mind is on higher things (like when I can wear my new leopard print stillettos without falling on my bottom and breaking a leg)


I hope you’re all staying warm! Brrr!

(a quick note about the weather. If you happen to have any people on your street who you happen to know are elderly or infirm, it wouldn’t hurt to knock on their door next time to you’re off to Tesco and ask if they need anything. Popping to the corner shop is hard enough for a 30 something able bodied and fit woman.)