Another indoor run today. Boooo.


It’s not the snow keeping me indoors, it’s the ice. With no fresh snowfall in the last 24 hours the pavements outside have become too slippy to walk very far on, let alone run. So another indoor mile it is.

Gemma Stats

I also did a 90 second plank and 20 minutes of yoga. Considering the disturbingly large amounts of wine I drank last night (all in the name of proper research for an article you understand) I deserve a prize for having even done my mile today, let alone planks and yoga. At least I do in my head. I’m worryingly smiley in todays photo.


Last nights dinner turned out to be scallops and chorizo followed by wild boar sausages and fondant potatos.

Tonights will be hangover curing Chinese Takeaway.