I felt tiiiired today. One of those days where you feel like even dragging yourself up the stairs is a feat of pure endurance.

It was also windy and rainy, but I snatched a moment in between rain showers to head out around my favourite Janathon 1.4 ish mile route.


I vowed to take it slow due to my tiredness, and I did the route backwards, so that the bigger hills were at the end rather than the beginning, which might seem about face, but I wanted to be into the routine of running before I hit some of the evil hills that any direction run around my house contains!

Gemma Stats

So quite slow a pace for the distance, but I thought those hills would kill me today, I swear someone has been out overnight and tilted them up a bit.

3 more Janathon runs left to do. Eeeeeeeee!


Tonights dinner was an appallingly unhealthy stop off at a diner on the way to Oxfordshire. I’ve seen the disturbingly wilted and brown salad garnish they put with their regular food, so I had a hot dog and sweet potato fries instead. I also had a cherry milkshake, which I could possibly live off. Though I might die of malnutrition I suppose, which would be bad.