I can’t resist a vintage brooch.

The advantage of a good vintage brooch is that they can often be picked up for mere pennies at boot fairs and charity shops, though sometimes they’re a little more expensive. Mim from Crinoline Robot wrote me a guest post with some great ways to wear vintage brooches back in 2011 while I was on holiday, so if you’re not sure how to wear them take a look.

I’ve been buying them every time I see them for years and have built up a small, but much loved collection. So I thought I’d share part of it with you.

I’ve got a bit of an obsession with animal brooches. Particularly anything brightly enamelled and crazy. They add some excitement to the most boring of outfits, though they’re too big for hats.

animal brooches

The parrot was the first I bought, it has a few diamantes missing, but that doesn’t bother me particularly as long as it’s not ALL the diamantes. I have no idea how much the parrot cost as I bought it in a scary antique shop from a woman who spoke no English while on holiday in Germany.

Next round to the right is a little red and gold enamel hummingbird I bought from a boot fair, and then a diamante lobster that was given to me by the owner of Step Back in Time, a vintage shop in Norwich.

At the bottom is my favourite lizard. He was a Christmas present this year from Mr Chick, and I completely ruined Christmas morning by getting it caught in some wrapping paper and managing to forcibly hurl it at the headboard of the bed. It’s pin broke off and I cried and sulked and felt guilty for a bit until I was bought more Christmas booze and then I calmed down. Shortly afterwards Mr Chick cleverly repaired it with some of that “fix anything” putty they sell by the tills in Homebase and a pot of gold paint. Hurrah!

The last in the picture is an Owl with aurora borealis diamantes that I bought at an antiques and vintage fair.

The other animal brooches I have are less flashy.

This gorgeous leaping wooden deer is 1930s. I have a matching photo frame I blogged about back in 2011.


The last animal brooch is a pair of 1950s plastic scotty dogs and a dog house. I bought it in an antique shop in Hastings at Easter last year. If you follow the link you’ll see that it was attached to a small plastic loop, that sadly broke and the scotty dogs are now attached to the pin. It also had a friend, a tiny ladybird which by all rights should be in this post, but it appears to have done what all good ladybirds do and flown away home as I couldn’t find it when I came to take these pictures. I’m sure it’ll turn up soon.


I have more, that I might share in the future, including selections I call “The Bling” and “The Weird Ones”

Are you a lover of brooches? How do you wear them?