So, my leg is still very sore. I am Limpy Von Limperson, Sheriff of Limpytown.

I decided to give swimming a go at the hotel tonight anyway as I really could do with some exercise, especially as I am now doing my usual sulky eating thing that I do when I’m, er, a bit sulky.

Tonight I had the hotel pool all to myself which was lovely and peaceful, and much nicer than squishing into the tiny gym room full of sweaty, smelly people.



I thought I’d only last 10 minutes, but once I’d figured out a way to swim without bending my left leg it was ok actually. I swam for 20 minutes, and then found myself looking at the round filter in the centre of the pool and thinking “if this were a horror movie that’s where they’d put the piranhas or sea snakes in”, then I freaked myself out and got out.

Then I gave myself a talking to, reminded myself I was a grown up and grown ups didn’t freak out over things like Piranhas in the hotel swimming pool and got back in for another 5 minutes, but it was too late and all I could see was creepy Piranha shaped shadows, and my leg was feeling a little shaky anyway, so I sat in the sauna for 10 minutes and then went back to my room.

So, I made it through to Day 12, despite injury. 18 days to go.