Saturday started with thunder and hail. Then rapidly moved onto blinding sunshine.

By the afternoon it had settled into warm, but with grey skies, but it was with a typically British sense of distrust that I headed out wearing those crazy high raffia wedges that I’ve been waiting to wear for ages, carrying an umbrella but with sunglasses in my bag.

This outfit has been about the most exciting thing about my weekend. For the first time in what seems like months I had no obligations and nothing to do and it was perfect. I went to the pub, drank home made rum cocktails, re-blonded my roots and watched Sherlock Holmes on DVD, the movies with Robert Downey Jr that I love for their silliness but I bet hardcore Sherlock Holmes fans probably despise.


❤Dress – New Look ❤ Belt – ASOS ❤ Wedges – Carvela c/o TK Maxx ❤
❤ Umbrella – From a Garden Centre ❤ Hairband – Primark ❤

The dress is another version of the comic book dress from New Look that I have, but in plain green. They’re just so comfortable to wear that I now have 3! They’re like 50s wiggle dresses without the fear of not being able to take big steps. I added the obi belt inspired by this picture of Marilyn wearing a wiggle dress and cinch belt that I pinned.

The wedges that I’ve been desperate to wear out are courtesy of TK Maxx, they’re these Carvela ones. I do love the TK Maxx shoe department, I got my other crazy pair of stupid platforms from Rocket Dog in there a couple of years ago. I’m happy to report that these were pretty comfortable on the short walk I took in them too, though you do need to watch your balance. Step on a stone and its broken ankles all round. It does add a certain element of excitement to any trip.

I’m also wearing my much loved lobster brooch that came from a vintage shop in Norwich. Part of my animal brooch collection!

close up


raffia wedges

Of course, there’s no point taking outfit photos with an umbrella if you’re not going to prance around like an idiot with it. I’m quite glad no one came round the corner and caught me doing this when there was no actual rain. Of course, 10 minutes after these photos were taken the heavens opened and I felt super smug with my umbrella then as all the people who’d decided to risk it scurried into shop doorways.

Am I the only one who feels annoyed when they remember to take an umbrella and it doesn’t rain?

Black and White Umbrella


Next weekend I am off to Wyndstock, so I’m hoping the weather gets a little drier, but I am planning my outfit around wellies anyway.

How was your weekend? Packed with excitement or lazy luxury?