Well, Juneathon is over and I can’t say I feel like I really gave it my all.

While Janathon took place in a month that was hard in many ways, it was at least a month where we were slowly returning to work. In Juneathon my year was in full swing, injury, long working hours and a lot of travel have meant that I didn’t run as much as I planned.

My hip flexor stopped me running yesterday as I just wasn’t prepared to risk making it worse, and a long working day has stopped me running today, but I’ve done a lot of walking on both days that will have to do. But it’s not really in the spirit of how I started Juneathon.

On the plus side I’ve discovered I kind of like mixing it up with a bit of swimming, I’m really enjoying Roller Derby and I’m ready to start concentrating properly on preparing for this half marathon I’ve foolishly signed up for.

So just 18.2 miles run, at least 12 miles short of target, and some new injuries to add to the list!

Onto July!