I don’t really write about weddings or wedding dresses much.

This is because, naturally, it’s all about me, me, me, and I’m not planning a wedding. This means that occasionally I think about being a wedding guest, but not often wedding dresses (though I might occasionally because they are very pretty).

However, I have a new sponsor Dream-Ers, and all of a sudden I fancy wearing a wedding dress again.

Dream-Ers specialise in alternative wedding dresses, for Brides that want something a little different. All the dresses on the site ARE white or cream I notice (I got married in red) but there are some styles a bit different from the normal wedding dress shop fare. The prices are also really reasonable, even once you factor in the shipping costs from the US the dresses are around £300 on average, which is frankly bargainous for a wedding dress!

These are some of my top picks from the site.

Vintage Inspired 50s Tea Length Dress $495 (approx £308)

Not that uncommon a style these days as many Brides wear “tea length” 50s gowns, but beautiful none the less. The belt can be customised to the colour scheme of your wedding.

tea length wedding dress

Bell Sleeve Lace Maxi Dress $350 (approx £218)

I love this style of sleeve, have done since I was little, though whenever I wear it I end up dipping my sleeves in beer, gravy, soup, basically anything that stains that comes near my arms. It’s a bit Boho, a bit Hippy, but also has that Medieval Maid Marian vibe which is kind of nice. Makes me want a flower crown and one of those dropped waist belt things.


Vintage Style Simple Lace Wedding Dress $405 (approx £252)

Now THIS is beautiful, I love this a lot and I want it in different colours just for me. There’s something very 1930s about the shape, those sleeves are super flattering and the pearl clasps at the shoulders and waist belt are beautiful. It also has a deep plunge back which will look nice when everyone is staring at your back in the church/registry office/gazebo/mountain getaway during the ceremony. I want to see this with finger waved hair.

deco inspired wedding dress

Lace Two in One Wedding Dress $400 (approx £250)

What a brilliant idea! This is a short dress, with a longer skirt underneath, so you can whip it off Bucks Fizz style for the evening. With the skirt it has a charmingly boho simple feel, without it’s a cute and simple cocktail dress

convertible wedding dress