Gosh, all this fancy dress!

On Friday night it was time for Halloween Mk 2. Except I’d entirely forgotten to think of any more exciting Halloween costumes, so had to come up with one at the last minute.

The event was cocktails and dancing for the birthday of Betsy Hatter, and seeing as I’d bought a Pumpkin Fascinator off her last Halloween I thought it seemed like the perfect opportunity to wear it again!

hALLOWEEN PUMPKIN♦ Hat – Betsy Hatter ♦ Dress c/o Weekend Doll ♦ Tights – Primark ♦ Boots – Everything5Pounds.com ♦

I didn’t want to just completely replicate last years costume, but fortunately I happened to have recently acquired another orange dress. It is the Darcie Dress from Weekend Doll, that I was saving to wear as a totally glamorous 30s/40s inspired evening look with seamed stockings and elegant waved hair. The skirt on the dress has several ties underneath that give it this puffed, scalloped, look, which I thought was more appropriate for a pumpkin outfit, but if you untie them all it has an elegant calf length skirt. So expect to see this one turn up again soon looking less Pumpkiny. It comes with a black ribbon tie, which I swapped for a green one.

I also went for green lipstick (attractive) and those huge platform boots I got from Everything 5 Pounds.


In the end I was so tired from all the Halloweeny fun of the last week that I actually only stayed out for a couple of hours and missed the dancing part of the evening, which is maybe for the best as I was wearing those ridiculous shoes again.

This is me attempting a “Pumpkin Pose”. I think you’ll agree I am virtually indistingushable from an actual pumpkin.

PUMPKINThis is the Pumpkin I carved this year for comparison (Mr Chick actually grew it, I’m very proud)

PUMPKIN LAMPI know, uncanny, right?

Just to clarify for those of you that are confused at all by the similarities.


Did you continue spooky festivities this weekend, or are you totally over Halloween already?