Forgive me Readers, for it has been over a week since my last post.

For someone who normally posts regularly 3 times a week this is unforgivable and the gnawing guilt has been at me all week.

I spent most of the week dealing with huge anxiety about my impending first public Roller Derby game, and the rest of it dealing with Cocktail Week admin which is all getting terribly real after almost a year of planning!

Next week prepare yourself for an influx of cocktail event and outfit posts as it’s going to be a very cool week!

Today I shall share a little insight into my September via Instagram.

There were lots of Norwich Cocktail Week related activities, it’s a hard job sometimes. We made a great arrangement with Droplet so people could get a wristband for themselves half price, and the EDP did a lovely feature on us that involved me drinking Cocktails for photos at 11am. Tough job.

I wore outfits and bought clothes that haven’t yet made it to the blog, and some that did. That amazing origami hair flower is a “coming soon” piece from Betsy Hatter, the 60s night dress came from Wake Up Little Susie and that leopard print blouse comes from the Heyday seconds page on their Facebook, always worth a look!


I ate some lovely food and got sent some tasty things by Vita CoCo, which was awesome as I drink that stuff all the time anyway, and some peanut snack bars by Meridian which were delicious as an excuse to eat peanut butter pre workout and I definitely want more of. There was also some significantly less healthy meals, a trip to the amazing building that is the Norfolk Brawds sponsor Zaks for hot dogs, chocolate and Tunnocks tea cakes, yum.

There were cracking nights out of Burlesque, giggles, and, on my part, very bad drawing, thanks to Dr Sketchys and Bohemia Norwich.

Finally, there was a lot of Roller Derby, I went back to contact as my ankle was improved enough at the beginning of September, did some very fun outdoor circuits including big tyres and weights with our fitness sponsors Style Health & Fitness, before finally taking part in my first public game on Saturday just gone, which was amazing fun! You can read more about that over on Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra!

So, welcome to October! A month of cocktails, witches, spookiness and beer!

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