Ok, so maybe not the *very* worst.

But today I offer you a cautionary tale of the perils of attempting to take outfit photos in a busy street on a windy day, especially when you’re in a hurry because you’re running late to sit in a pub all afternoon.


♠ Blouse – Heyday!* ♠ Skirt – Laura Ashley via a Charity Shop ♠
♠ Jacket – French Connection* ♠ Shoes – Office ♠

This particular day was Tuesday, and that morning I’d been on local Cable TV Mustard to talk about Cocktail Week. I don’t do TV very well, I think I fiddle with my hands too much and am easily distracted by monitors in the background. I also think I look like a potato with troll hair, but lots of polite people have told me that’s not true, if you’d like to check my resemblance to a potato with troll hair then I’m at the beginning of Part Two!

I very nearly wore my new Cocktail cardigan, till I remembered that they shoot using a green screen and I may end up disembodied, so at the last minute I changed to my Heyday! Doris blouse. This blouse is a one off, Heyday have an album on Facebook that they use to sell off seconds and samples at a discount and I got this sample leopard print blouse off of there. It’s worth keeping an eye on!

I did get some photos before I nearly blew away…..



All this week I have spent from 4-7pm sat in the Birdcage pub on Pottergate in Norwich acting as a “hub” for Norwich Cocktail Week for people to collect prizes, buy wristbands, ask questions and collect maps and sticker cards.

We have sticker cards for people to collect stickers at the bars they visit during the week, and anyone with over 10 stickers will get entered into a prize draw.

Glass Maids have sent us this fabulous stained glass cocktail panel as a prize.


And Midori have sent us a full size bottle of the melon liquer and a hair chalk as a prize.

They also sent me a little miniature and some recipes to try out, so, amazingly not all cocktailed out, I made one myself to enjoy whilst watching The Dollhouse with a sandwich when I got home. A little insight into my glamorous life there, cocktails, sandwiches and Netflix.

I made a Green Demon, in honour of it being October and Halloween coming up.

The recipe:

25ml Midori Melon Liquer

25ml White Rum

25ml Peach Juice

10 ml Lime juice

Shake it all up over ice and strain it into a cocktail glass then garnish with a lime twist, or just a chunk of lime zest if, like me, you apparently completely fail at decorations.

It’s a nice drink actually, the lime juice cuts through the sweetness of the liquer, plus, green is an excellent colour for a drink in October!

midori 2

Anyway, I’m off to eat something before another hard afternoon in the pub!

If anyone reading is Norwich based then pop in and see me in the Birdcage, it’s not too late to get wristbands and enjoy the last couple of nights of Norwich Cocktail Week!