Recently a shoe company called Treds took one of my sidebar ads.

They’re one of those more “general” shoe companies, not specifically vintage inspired, but with a broad range so you can find some lovely styles if you have a hunt round.

They obviously chose some nice enough shoes to feature in their ad to make me go “oooh”, so today I am taking the hard work out of hunting through the site for good slightly vintagey or quirky styles by finding them all for you. Aren’t I nice?

“Classic” Courts

Well, a classic slip on court shoe shape, with a quirky twist!



Ruby Shoo Miley RedI love the shape of this shoe and the cut out detail at the heel and toe, an elegant Christmas shoe!

Irregular Choice Oz Blue Tweed – On sale, so limited sizes remaining, but not *too* bad at time of writing! I love that perspex carved heel, a great quirky every day shoe.

Ruby Shoo EvaFor those who like their heels a little chunkier! A classic court with a pretty floral detail

The Ones with the Straps

Because I asked about styles of shoes you all liked once and everyone said they liked straps to stop their shoes falling off!


Clockwise from top left

Ruby Shoo Sophie – A pretty patchwork design in a colour that works in all seasons!

Irregular Choice Secret Pair – That nice chunky perspex heel, in a butterfly print.

Ruby Shoo Lena If you’re a polka dot loving vintage lady then these are for you! I love the twist on a T-bar fastening as well.

Ruby Shoo Kate – On sale, but only one size is sold out (a 6, my size, boo!) I just had to put these in anyway as I love them!

Funky Flats

The other type of shoe everyone is looking for is some cool flats. I figure ballet pumps are easy to find, and there’s plenty of those on the Treds website, but I’ve tried to pick something a little different.


Clockwise from top left

Youth Rise Up Lowf Black Kitty – Sensible black loafers, with a kitty on the front, awww!

Youth Rise Up Lowf Cheetah – Feeling a little more hardcore than a kitty? They come in Cheetah print too!

Blink Black Pointed Flats – I had a pair very similar to these that sadly died a death, they’re great for smart evening occasions and feel a bit beatnik.

DIZZY Ease Silver shoesHow cool do these look? They’re jelly shoes, but they look like chain mail! For the inner Knight in all of us!