By Lady Lipstick

Yeah, so in yesterdays post I may have inadvertantly suggested I was rubbish because I wasn’t running as fast as I used to. At which point lots of people pointed out that I wasn’t rubbish as I was running at all, regardless how fast, and of course, I didn’t really mean that I was RUBBISH. Yesterdays title was merely a slightly tongue in cheek quip based on the observation that I really HAD got less fit over 2014.

I already knew this to be true. Problems with my breathing and injury meant it couldn’t possibly NOT be true, but suddenly I had a really obvious comparison, over the same short route, of the fastest time I felt I could run and it was quite a striking difference. Anyway, I’m not rubbish, I’m awesome, ok.

In fact, today I feel pretty awesome because, and I hope I’m not jumping the gun here, the new inhaler I was prescribed yesterday seems to be doing some good. I feel like someone has removed a belt that has been strapped around my chest for months and I never even knew it. It’s like there’s all this extra space in my lungs, so *that’s* what a deep breath feels like!

The only minor downside is that I’m now coughing even more as access to new areas of lung seems to have opened up access to whole new seams of cold induced phlegm. I’ll just leave you with that mental image for a moment……

Anyway, today I was going to leap out of bed and go for a run first thing, so, naturally, it being Saturday I stayed in bed till lunch time eating bacon sandwiches and drinking coffee and didn’t leave the house to run till gone 2pm.

Looking puffy eyed without mascara post run.

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