Today I really should have been running with a horrendous hangover.

Feeling a little cooped up after staying at home with a cold for what seems like years last night we decided to pop down the road and have dinner at Wetherspoons. I put proper clothes on and did my make up and everything, it was special.

We had a very nice steak and a pint, and another pint, and another pint. Then decided to pop into another pub on the way home for one more pint. And then another pub, and then one last pub. And then, in the spirit of a New Year health kick we decided we needed a late night snack, and that should probably be a pizza.

Pizza does not agree with me, yet I can’t stop eating it, and I ate not only my own half of the pizza, but also most of Mr Chicks half as well as he decided he didn’t want it and I should definitely have it. Then I went to bed and woke up at 3 am feeling absolutely awful. This is what pizza does to me. I was so thirsty I drank 2 full bottles of water and 4 glasses of diet coke. Then I fell asleep again and woke up at 11am, yes ELEVEN AM. Lazy cow, and I felt, well, pretty good actually. I can only assume that being so amazingly hydrated cancelled out the effects of a ridiculous amount of beer.

Excellent news.

Feeling smug I headed out for a run, and immediately wished I’d remembered to wear sunglasses as it was crazy bright.

See, all squinty in the sun.


I was going to go out for a slightly longer run with Mr Chick today, but he decided not to go as his legs were sore. I could have run a little further on my own, but to be honest all those exactly 1.5 mile runs stacking up on my Nike+ have a strangely satisfying symmetry. So I didn’t.

The sun might have been shining but it was pretty darn icy out there, especially in the shade, and a few times there was that terrifying feeling where you put your foot down and it just starts to skid, but you’ll be pleased to know I made it round unscathed.


Also out on todays run was every person with a dog that lives within a 10 mile radius of me. I think it must be national dog walking day. I always get a little nervous running past dogs in case they get over excited and chase me and then fasten their teeth into my calf and drag me to the ground and maul me. I feel this way even when they are tiny dogs that I could patently just kick off into a bush if they decided to attack me. One of todays dogs appeared to be injured and was running on 3 legs, it was very cute, but I did wonder whether I could even outrun a 3 legged dog if it decided it wanted a chomp on my meaty calves.

I might have to try a different route at some point, because I can tell you I’m feeling heartily sick of that damn hill at the beginning AND the end already. Today I also wore my funky Boden Running Kit. The Run Faster Capris and long sleeve T Shirt to be precise, which I mention because I note they are on sale, and I can heartily recommend them. They sent me a load of kit which I will review properly at some point!


Todays refuelling drink of choice was apple and pear juice, mostly because I’ve run out of coconut milk.

Then I got home and took all my Christmas decorations down, so my house now looks huge and very bare, and I am officially no longer allowed to use Christmas as an excuse for eating chocolate for breakfast and staying in bed till midday.

Tomorrow is going to be a shock to the system!