By Lady Lipstick

Oooh, the end of Janathon is so close I can nearly taste it! This Sunday I shall be celebrating 31 days of of exercising every day by, er, going to a 5 hour Roller Derby boot camp in Manchester. Monday, though, Monday I might just stay completely still all day and burn NO calories.

Today was time to get out the yoga mat again and do an hour of Yoga for Runners. In my head Yoga is lots of nice relaxy stretching, but there is definitely a sequence in the middle of this session that leaves me all sweaty and out of breath, especially if I start doing it with the heating on and it’s blooming boiling.

Todays face photo is taken in “relaxation pose” at the end of the session, or “lying down” as you may call it. I had to pull a stupid face or otherwise I just looked weird.

Of course with my face screwed up I don’t look weird at all.

I started todays little yoga session approximately 4 hours late than planned at about 4pm. My road is normally really quiet and I like to do yoga in the front room which is nice and bright, with the curtains open I am rarely bothered by people walking past and gawping at the strange girl standing on her head in the living room. Today, of course, as soon as I pressed play a car drew up outside the window. I believe it belonged to my neighbours, and they sat directly outside my window with the boot of the car open for a good 5 minutes while I subtly tried to do my downwards dog in areas of the room they couldn’t see. Eventually I gave up and siddled up to the side of the window and drew the curtains and …read more

From:: Lipstick, Lettuce & Lycra