On Monday I was whinging about how black tights are too heavy for spring.

Well today I bring you the solution. Yes, you can look all springlike, stay warm, and still not have to worry about sticking your fingers through your sheer tights.

The answer?

Dark florals. A floral on a black base works with bare legs or black tights. Hurrah!

dark floral

♥ Bardot Top – ASOS ♥ Skirt – Wolf & Whistle ♥
♥ Obi Belt – ASOS ♥ Shoes – New Look ♥

This particular dark floral skirt is courtesy of Wolf & Whistle, which is a brand that’s on the quirky end of not quite vintage repro. I got this yellow floral dress from them last year (and hey, while we’re at it, the weather was so much nicer this time last year, what gives?).

This skirt is a silky material with a striking digital print, and it rustles rather satisfyingly when you move.


Green Floral Skirt

You’d think, wouldn’t you, that with all this beautiful Spring weather I could head out and take photos frolicking in Spring fields. But no, sadly my photographer/husband wasn’t available, and not feeling up to lugging my camera and a tripod off to a spring field on my own and dealing with the confused stares of passers by I stuck with my fireplace. It does at least have some spring flowers on it.

Those roses have lasted surprisingly well since I bought them over a week ago. They were reduced, and abandoned without water, on the reduced shelf in Tesco. I was moved to tears by the plight of some shabby roses that had put all that effort into growing, flown across the world and were destined to end up in the bin without ever beautifying someones home. You think I’m joking but there was genuinely a small tear.

Anyway, suffice to say I bought both bunches and they perked up very well in water. They are looking a little droopy now, but I like it, there’s a bit of faded glory about them and I have the warm glow of having given their little flowery lives some purpose.

obi belt

Anyway back to important things, like my outfit. You can see in the above photo the lovely pleats on the Wolf & Whistle skirt. I am normally wary of a pleated skirt because I have hips, but these are those nice flat kind that give fullness without bulk.

The leather obi belt and bardot top both come from ASOS, the top last Summer and the belt a couple of years ago (though it must have been popular as they still have it!) and are 2 of the most useful things in my wardrobe, along with those two skirts, which, come to think of it are also from ASOS. It seems ASOS is the place to get very useful items of clothing.