Last night at practice our A Team were practicing for their first British Championships game of the season (which is tomorrow, come along!) so they needed a “team” to play against in training, which was made up of unrostered A team skaters, those of us on the training squad and some boys from our brother team the East Anglo Smacksons. It was tough, which was the idea, and I woke up this morning feeling a little beaten up.

Instead of some nice calming stretchy yoga, however, I pushed on with Week 11 of my Kayla Itsines programme, which was an abs session, including lots of leg raises, jack knifes and sit ups.


Abs sessions don’t normally bother me that much, they’re not as hard as arms or the plyometric cardio sessions, so it was ok. I felt fine.

Then I sat scrunched up in a chair all afternoon before walking down the road to Boots to buy wax strips to torture some boys with tomorrow, all in the name of Charity.

What follows is the sort of ridiculous scenario that in real life can only happen to me.

The wax strips in Boots are on the bottom shelf, so I squatted down on the floor to examine them, attempted to stand up again and “Waaaah!” my back spasmed and I couldn’t straighten up.

Envisaging one of those hilarious sit-com moments where they have to stretcher you out of a busy shopping centre with your legs stuck straight up in the air, I used the shelf edges to climb up till my legs were straight and then slowly massaged my lower back into a standing position and hobbled home with my wax.


Now I am home, about to have some ibruprofen, a hot bubble bath and spend some time laying flat on the floor!

Expect tomorrows exercise to be on the nice stretchy yoga lines rather than the lifting heavy stuff and running for miles lines!