Well hello! This morning my back is covered in some rather fetching bruises from my sports massage that look no where near as dramatic in photos as they do in real life, so that’s disappointing. I am, however a little more mobile and could get out of bed without making enough noise to wake the whole street this morning. Woo Hoo!

I’m trying to minimise time hunched over my laptop by spending some lovely time lying on a nice hard wooden floor, and taken a couple of doses of codeine to help me get moving. I don’t get on with codeine, it makes me feel weird, but it really does help with pain!


Yes, I am also still wearing Christmas pyjamas, in June. So shoot me.

Today I did a whole 30 minutes ish of Yoga, now I’ve been all loosened up by the massage it’s really helping to keep me moving and stretch out my back AND I finally get another Fit for Chips point. Whoop!

I’ve also been making deep, personal life long friends with my spiky massage ball to roll around on my back, but learning the lessons of Janathon when I tried to beat a grumbly buttock muscle into submission I am remembering to be gentle and not over do it!


I might not be up to running or a heavy workout, but I am to be back at scrim on Thursday beating people up, because yesterday I found out that I made the UKRDA A team roster my Roller Derby team. I’m still crossing over and playing with the B Team as well, which is good for me and a chance to improve my skills and get some more game play, as it’s unlikely I will actually make the roster for many games this season, but I’m still really pleased to have been considered at all!

Points Earned so far: 10

Bruises found: 5