So, it’s time for a long overdue massive wardrobe clear out.

Since the start of this year I’ve lost around 20lbs, which means that much of last years wardrobe, with many things only worn once, is now too big. I desperately need to make space in my wardrobe by getting rid of a few things, and frankly it’s depressing to have a wardrobe full of pretty things you can’t wear.

So, in an attempt to shift some of it, I have opened a DePop shop. If it’s good enough for Dita Von Teese it’s good enough for me!

You can see what I have for sale online, but you need to download the free DePop app to make a purchase and you can use Paypal to pay. It’s really easy to set up, all my prices include postage to the UK and you can find me by searching retrochick_uk (or just retrochick, I show up!) under users or use the hashtag retrochick under items.

As well as some of last years items, I’ve also talked myself into parting with some old favourites that just no longer fit.  Including a gorgeous orange 1960s cocktail dress, that does have a mark on the skirt, but clever folks might be able to get that out, and that Eliza J dress that I bought for the Vintage Norwich Awards.

I’ve been listing stuff all morning, and there’s more to come, but, well, it’s boring so I have to stop now and do other boring stuff that is on my to do list!

So, help me make space in my wardrobe and buy more clothes that fit! And help me stop annoying Mr Chick by hanging the clothes I want to get rid of on the curtain rail in the dining room so he can’t get out the back door to feed the fish!

Find me on DePop