I’m really cold, and that means that even though it’s still blatantly Autumn, I’m starting to think about Winter, and more specifically about coats.

A winter coat can be a big investment purchase, with even one on the cheap end of the scale not normally coming in a lot under £100. I’m fairly sure any conversations that are to be had in my house about whether I need a new winter coat will invariably turn to the number of winter coats I already own. I have at least 3 coats that I would count as warm enough to be proper winter coats, but the fact is that the oldest of them is 10 years old to me, the actual oldest is over 50 years old as it is vintage, and the youngest is pushing into its 4th season of heavy winter wear. So yeah, I’ve been imaginary coat shopping, so shoot me.

I actually have my eye on one with a big glamorous faux fur collar. I’ve tried wearing coats that are all faux fur and I just look like a bear, but a big fluffy cosy collar is glamour and comfort all in one. When I was a teenager I had a vintage 1970s suede coat with a huge fur collar that was a hand me down from my Mum, sadly these days I can’t even fit my arms into the sleeves, but I have managed to track down some alternatives, whatever your coat buying budget might be….

Bargain Basement

Well as much bargain basement as a winter coat ever gets. With a budget of up to £100 these are coats for people who want to be warm and stylish, but don’t want to have to live off dust till payday.

The best way to get a really good quality coat for under £100 is to buy it in the sale, and the green Dickens & Jones Swing coat was £200, before it was reduced to £80, so I’d snap that one up quick if I were you! The other 2 coats are from Miss Selfridge and are classic smart black coats with a cost contrasting white collar, the one with the smaller collar is also in the sale and only £55.20!

Miss Selfridge Black Fur Trim Coat / Miss Selfridge Faux Fur Collar Belted Coat / Dickens & Jones Westerly Vintage Coat

Middle of the Road

So, you’ve probably got a proper job that pays you proper regular money, or maybe you’re good at budgeting, or maybe you just have a credit card that still has money on it. Whatever the reason, if you have up to £200 or so to spend on a coat, you can get something rather special, topped with some faux fur loveliness.

The black Biba coat is in the sale and the faux fur collar is detachable, meaning it’s perfect for situations where you want to be all serious and professional instead of glamorous. The Collectif Pearl coat is just the ultimate in swishy faux fur glamour, I just can’t even describe how much I want to sweep around in this coat and killer heels, while the Tara Starlet Vanessa coat has much more pared down, simple style of glamour, but really grabs attention with those checks.

Biba Detachable Faux Fur Collar Coat / Collectif Pearl Coat/ Tara Starlet Vanessa Coat


Money is No Object

Ah, this is the bit where I spend some time fantasising about the AMAZING coats I could buy if I had a budget with 3 zeros on the end.

They’re not actually all that crazy a price. The brown Hobbs coat is a proper classic in herringbone wool with a detachable collar again that will last you for years and is a pretty reasonable £329. The pink collared Pokemon coat is just pure fun, and technically only has 2 zeros, though it does have a 7 in front of them. The Burberry shearling coat technically doesn’t have any zeros, but at £2,695 it’s still one to save for my big lottery win, and I don’t even play the lottery, so basically I will never have that coat. It’s ok, I prefer the Hobbs one anyway, which I will also probably never own. *sigh*

Burberry Shearling Trim Coat / Hobbs Ebony Coat / Pink Faux Fur Collar Pokemon Coat