And today we have the final installment of “Halloween in my Wardrobe”

For this year at least, though don’t expect that I’m not going to show you my actual Halloween Costume this weekend, you know me better than that, surely?

This costume came to me in a flash, and was started by the shoes. I was pondering my wardrobe and I thought “Hey! I have ruby slippers! How have I never thought of doing Dorothy?”

Yes, that’s right, today I am Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz. Finally a costume I wouldn’t be *too* embarrassed to open the door in at 11am, though I might have speedily whipped the bow out of my hair.

Dorothy Costume

I wasn’t entirely pleased with this costume. For starters all the photos came out slightly blurry and I don’t know why, though that has nothing to do with the costume, obviously. Secondly I am lacking some important accessories.

I was distressed to discover that I don’t actually own a proper basket, I could have sworn I did, that’s definitely the sort of thing that I have filling up the cupboards in my house, so I had to make do with a small picnic basket and add a belt as a handle.

I also need a much better stuffed dog. I “rescued” this particular one from my local shop after Christmas one year, it was the last one left in the shop with a broken noise maker, clutching his little pile of stuffed presents and thrown in a bargain basket and I was worried he would be thrown away, so I took him home. Much as I love him he makes a sucky Toto, so I’d probably want to keep him on the bench and swap in a better stuffed dog.

Lastly, I don’t really have Dorothy hair. My hair is short and blonde, I need brunette pigtails to really pull it off properly.

Still, I do have Ruby Slippers.

Dorothy Shoes

Dorothy Wizard of Oz

Despite little failings in this as a perfect costume, I do think if I’d had a phone call inviting me to an amazing Halloween party that started RIGHT NOW and I needed a costume people would at least know what I was supposed to be if I turned up in this.

Obviously that would never happen, for several reasons. One is that if I got a phone call I probably wouldn’t answer it. Apart from my Mum people I know never call me as I hate the telephone, always have done. The other reason this would never happen is that if I did happen to answer the phone and someone told me there was an amazing Halloween party happening RIGHT NOW I would probably come up with a long list of reasons to stay home in my pyjamas because I have to psych myself up for days to go to parties. I am not an impulsive social animal.

Still, if I did go out to a party, at least I’d save money on a cab home in these shoes.

Ruby Slippers

So, that’s 3 Halloween costumes I’ve managed to create entirely from my existing wardrobe (though I have to confess my Dorothy socks cost £1 in a local Tesco, so I actually did buy something. I had planned to make do with the “not quite right” ankle socks I already owned, but these were so perfect I bought them instead)

A Mime, Beetlejuice and Dorothy.

If you’re in need of any more inspiration then check out my Halloween category!

I know it’s not quite here yet, but lets stretch it out as long as possible and I’ll wish you a….

Happy Halloween!