Christmas is 30 days away.

Some years I’m already on my fiftieth Egg Nog Latte and Christmas Sandwich by now, where as others I’m in denial about the pending festivities.

This year is a denial year.

There’s been so much else to think about and do that I can’t quite get myself in the festive mood, which makes me sad because I LOVE Christmas. There can’t be enough tackiness, glitter and festive themed food in the world for me. I like Christmas movies, Christmas drinks, Christmas Sandwiches, and themed Christmas Clothing.

This weekend I am taking a trip to York, which I am hoping will finally trip my festive switch, but for now I have been contenting myself with spending my days hunting for the best of this years Christmas jumpers. I secretly have my eye on one with 2 Christmas puddings over the boobs. But in case you’re looking for something a little classier I’ve picked out 10 Christmas jumpers that I think just tiptoe the line between classy and naff.


A Fairisle print is a classy way to bring some festive cheer to your wardrobe.

  1. Collectif Chrissie Fairisle Jumper – Classic fitted Fairisle that will look perfect with a tweed skirt and boots. Collectif also have an awesome jumper with a reindeer on the front, but there are only a few sizes left!
  2. George @ Asda Fairisle Christmas Jumper – At a glance looks like a classic fairisle. Get closer and there are candy canes and robins worked into the design!
  3. Addison Reindeer Love Christmas Jumper – This one comes in red and cream and is understatedly festive. Not too much glitter and sequins, but most definitely a reindeer.
  4. George @Asda Robin Christmas Jumper – A little more sparkle on this one as the Robin has a little sparkle, but a grey background and fairisle sleeves keep it on the right side of Christmas tree bauble!

Understated Sparkle

Because it’s not Christmas without a *little* bit of sparkle

5. ASOS Christmas Jumper with embellishment – Classy burgundy colour, and beautiful beaded appliques that just happen to include robins in santa hats.

6. Sequin Reindeer Tunic – Black and gold is always a classy choice, so for Christmas make it a black knitted tunic and leaping gold sequined reindeer.

7. ASOS Christmas Jumper with Snowflakes – I’m always envious of people who can wear white. I can’t wear anything white for more than 20 minutes without spilling something down it.


There are plenty of jumpers out there for Christmas with huge snowmen or elves on the front. I’m not saying I’m not a fan of those, but if you want something a little more understated than an #elfieselfie jumper, then try a smaller repeating festive pattern.

8. Sophia Ice Skate Christmas Jumper – This comes in red or black, with a repeating polka dot background. Wear it with a skater skirt and sit around with a glass of mulled wine and pretend you totally will go ice skating any minute.

9. Polka Dot Christmas Tree Jumper – More polka dots, this time with Christmas trees with little sequin stars on top.

10. Red Nose Reindeer Christmas Jumper – I thought there was only one Rudolf, but apparently there are many prancing across the front of this jumper. Santa must have to wear sunglasses on his sleigh these days.

Are you a fan of the Christmas Jumper?