First off, don’t worry, I was wearing a coat.

My lovely green Heyday Fifth Avenue coat in fact, but all my outfit posts between November and March can’t be “me in a coat” so I suffered for my art and stood outside with bare arms for long enough to snap a few photos.

I was only going to the shops to buy exciting things like food, light bulbs and ibruprofen so this is a fairly standard sort of  thing that I fling on every day in Winter, maybe with a cardigan if I’m going somewhere I’ll have to take my coat off.

Black Dress

This particular black dress is a new to me Laura Ashley dress that I bought in a Charity Shop, it’s a nice long length, and I love the neckline, it’s fractionally too big, but I wear belts with almost everything anyway.

Black tights and a black dress is far too boring, I always like to add a splash of colour, which is bought to you today by some burgundy tights and a great Mouse and Cheese necklace that Glitter Punk Jewellery sent me.

I’m also wearing a pair of shoes that I completely forgot I owned. I’m starting to feel slightly concerned about the fact that I have so many items of clothing that I can forget I own them. I wanted a pair of black heeled shoes with a lower front to wear, as higher ones like my lace ups cut my legs in half when worn with coloured tights and a longer skirt like this. I stood by my wardrobe  despairing about my lack of such an item when I suddenly spotted a turquoise box hidden at the back and dug out these Bertie shoes that I bought on eBay about 3 years ago

Cheese necklace

Laur aSHLEY Dress

black shoes

I also got a visit from my local photobombing Cat who came and sat directly above my head. I like to think he saw the Mouse on my necklace and came over to take a closer look, but I suspect he’s just a really nosy cat.


♥ Dress – Laura Ashley via a Charity Shop ♥ Belt – Vintage ♥
♥ Necklace c/o Glitter Punk Jewellery ♥ Shoes – Bertie via eBay ♥