Technically we’re not back to work till tomorrow, right?

But it’s a Monday and it’s starting to feel almost like normal life again. Except with Worlds Strongest Man on TV every night.

This Christmas I didn’t get my big fancy camera out at all, so all photos are taken on my iPhone. It was just me and Mr Chick at home for Christmas again this year, and we had a lovely fun day.

Christmas Days at our house are generally almost identical every year. There’s no Pinterest perfect decorations I’m afraid, but I’m not about to let that stop me sharing blurry iPhone photos of my Christmas.

Here’s how Christmas Days happens in the Retro Chick household

In the morning we awake bleary eyed and check whether Santa has been, despite the fact that we already know Santa has been as we put the presents in the stockings ourselves weeks ago. We open Stocking presents over a cup of coffee in bed. This year mine included a rather fabulous Jake from Adventure Time coaster and some badges for my leather jacket lapel.

After that it’s time for breakfast, which we take it in turns to cook and always includes Bucks Fizz, obviously. This year Mr Chick made sweet potato rostis and croissants with goats cheese and rocket. While he was doing that I took selfies in front of the Christmas tree, because what else would I do?


Then we open tree gifts! My Mum & Dad got me an amazing pair of leggings from Ginger Orange, some Younique eyeshadow that I’ll review one day and a rather insulting t-shirt suggesting I take too many selfies. Shona from Heyday! got me some sheepskin slippers to keep my tootsies warm. This all lead to a rather attractive photo opp.


After pressies we dressed in our finest and in what has recently become a Christmas Day tradition headed to the pub at lunch time.

Todays pub visit featured some adorably cute dogs in Christmas jumpers, so it was definitely worth it. I think probably one of the best parts of my Christmas this year was watching a Terrier in a Santa costume have it’s hood fall over it’s eyes and then walk into a table leg. Who needs TV?

I took photos, they are all blurry because the dogs were too busy sniffing things and walking into tables to politely stop and pose.

Like night follows day, food follows pub. When it’s just us we’ve started to have some rather non traditional Christmas lunches. Why buy a whole turkey when you can have venison and cranberry pie? We also had some rather fetching masquerade Christmas crackers that we bought in the sale last year and stashed in the attic for a whole year, and no mice ate them.

After dinner, it’s time to open the Champagne and watch TV by the fire for the rest of the day.

And that was our uneventful but wonderful Christmas.

It ended with two slightly tipsy people watching TV by firelight. This year I only cried at Doctor Who, which is a miracle as normally I find at least 2 or 3 programs to cry at before the day is done.

I hope you had equally wonderful Christmases and are making the most of the last day of the Christmas holidays!