Ah, welcome to a week in my life that was so uneventful that I had to go back and check my own Instagram and Facebook page to see what I’d actually done.

If you’d asked me I would have told you that I did nothing this week except work, go to the gym and go to Roller Derby practice, but when I checked my own social media it turns out I did some other stuff as well. It’s not like I accidentally climbed Mount Kilimanjaro and forgot about it, in fact I barely left the house, but it was stuff all the same.

This week I….

Watched Labyrinth

It was on TV last weekend, and I wanted to watch it for 2 reasons. Firstly I absolutely love it and hadn’t seen it for years, and secondly I discovered that Mr Chick HADN’T SEEN IT AT ALL. He hadn’t seen David Bowie as the Goblin King, how was this possible?

I love this film. Mr Chicks opinion was “It was Ok”. I guess maybe you had to have watched it as a kid to really love it properly?

Celebrated Burns Night (even though I’m not Scottish)


It’s January, I take my opportunities for celebration where I can. I might not be Scottish but I am a big fan of whisky and Haggis, and that’s good enough reason to celebrate as far as I’m concerned.

Despite not actually being Scottish my Mother and Father in Law actually do live in Scotland, in Aberdeenshire in fact, so it’s pretty darn Scottish. Before Christmas they sent us some lovely pies from a company called Pies by Post in Lochinver which was an adventure all of itself as my Mother in Law somehow still had a postcode for an address that we haven’t lived at for 3 years, meaning that the automated system sent our pies to an address all the way across the other side of Norwich to complete strangers who were slightly bemused to receive a big box of pies in the post. Thankfully they took the parcel to the post office instead of holding a pie eating party (possibly they thought they were poisoned and unknown people were trying to trick them into eating them?), the Post Office called the couriers, who redelivered our pies to our real house 2 days later completely unharmed.

And that is the somewhat convoluted story that lead to us eating an actual Scottish Haggis Neeps and Tatties pie on Burns Night.

We also watched Highlander, because there’s nothing more Scottish than a film in which the 2 main Scottish characters come from America and England while the only Scottish actor is playing a Spaniard.

Got Used in an Argument

Well, this was one of the weirder parts of my week.

My blog stats show where referrals have come from. Normally they’re from the same places, Facebook, Pinterest, other blogs etc, but last week I noted a lot of referrals from an online Forum. With trepidation I headed off to see what they were saying about me, because people on the internet are not always very nice. To my mild bemusement I found a thread titled  “Why Are So Many British Women Converting to Islam?”. As you can imagine with such a title the thread very quickly became a little tense, with people demanding the OP cite his sources for his claims about all these British Women who were converting. Turns out his primary source was that he keeps seeing women wearing headscarves, and the obvious response to this was for someone to tell him non-Muslim women wear headscarves too. The best evidence to back that up? This post apparently.

Glad I could help.

Bought Some Flowers

12534591_1550788941903403_236553334_n (1)

Because then I can convince myself Spring is on the way, even though it’s freezing.

Bought a New Bathroom

At the current rate of household improvements, I estimate we will have finished the work that needs doing on our house somewhere around 2046, just as I can retire and enjoy the fruits of our labours.

We need to sort out the Bathroom, Kitchen and Dining Room most importantly as there are actual holes in walls and ceilings. First on the list of things we are definitely going to get done this year is the bathroom. Homebase currently have a sale on fitted bathrooms so went to have a look after I finished Roller Derby practice yesterday because that’s just the sort of Rock n Roll life we lead.

We located a bathroom we liked the look of, there was an example fixed to the wall of what astonishing amounts of money we could save if we bought all this stuff NOW! TODAY! DON’T HANG AROUND! So we asked a sales assistant what exactly was included in that price. She told us it all came in bits and you had to buy all the doors and handles separately, which wasn’t very helpful, and I’m pretty sure Sales Technique 101 does not include immediately telling people about all the extra bits they have to buy. So we asked again, “are the doors and handles included in that price on the wall for this specific bathroom we are looking at?”. She started peering so closely at the sign that I wondered if I should lend her my glasses and then left to get a brochure, which did not have prices in it.

At this point we left her, and her over powering perfume behind and went home in a grump. I really hope they’re on commission up in bathroom sales, because if you can’t sell a bathroom to someone who is standing in front of you saying “Hi, I would like to buy this bathroom” then frankly you don’t deserve to get paid. Anyway, we went home, priced it all up online and then went back this morning and bought it all off someone else with nicer perfume.

It will be delivered mid March, so with any luck by Summer I might have a swanky new bathroom, and then we can start worrying about fixing the hole in the kitchen ceiling.

And that was as exciting as my week got. Pies and bathrooms.

Now I’m off to spend my afternoon watching Deathly Hallows Part 2 and eating cookies.

See, Rock n Roll.