I’m not really well known for the practicality of my wardrobe.

I try and strike a balance, but sometimes you just need to buy the novelty prints, right? Life’s too short for a boring wardrobe.

There is one area where I am quite strict with myself though, and that’s shoes. Sure, I buy silly shoes, but I have to make sure I have a sensible pair first. The sort of shoes that you throw on every day and can walk into town and back without being crippled.

In autumn and winter that’s a sensible pair of boots (though mine are green, not sure I thought that through), a pair of black flats and a pair of black, smart, medium heeled “sensible” ish shoes, often from Clarks.

When it comes to summer I’m sometimes more frivolous. my top 2 pairs of summer shoes right now, are both yellow and one features a large bow. Generally I look for a low to medium wedge, in brown, black or beige that will go with everything. They can’t have too many skinny straps to cut your feet to ribbons. Or be so high that you feel like you’re walking on stilts. Or be too mumsy looking. Not that I’m picky or anything.

So, having done a little fantasy shopping, here are today’s top 5 pairs of summer sandals that should go with everything.

Clarks Brielle Drive

Actually I normally prefer my wedges with a bit of a platform. These Clarks wedges are completely flat, but are topping my list right now on the basis that in black, nude and cherry they are reduced to less than half price and are just £20. I know I can normally trust Clarks not to cut my feet to ribbons, and they’re leather.

Betsy Peep Toe Cut Out Wedge

These have a very slight platform, which I like, and a pleasingly vintagey shape. That means they’ll be perfect whether I want to dress up like a 50s pin up, or whether I’m in the mood for cut off shorts (which is rare, to be fair!). They also come in white and a very spiffy red with a striped insole.

Matalan Wooden Demi Wedge Sandals

Even more platformy, but not *too* platformy. I really like these. They’re super cheap, so I can’t guarantee their comfort, but they look pretty good, not too many straps. One of my best pairs of Summer sandals a few years ago were from Tesco, so I don’t discount cheap. They can be comfortable, but tend not to last as long.


F&F Whipstitch Cross-Over Platform Sandals

Actually, speaking of Tesco, these ones look pretty good. I might want to check that stitching didn’t rub, but they look like a soft material with a nice cork wedge. The heels are quite high, but with the platform at the front I find they never feel so high These also come in denim and white.

Vionic Laurie Wedges

These are the priciest ones on my list, and probably the closest to slipping into mumsy territory. I think it would really depend what you wore with them. I feel you’d be hard pressed to call my wardrobe mumsy, at least I hope so! Having been sent a pair of ballet flats from Vionic I am a whole hearted convert. they’re amazingly comfortable and supportive if you have dodgy feet like I do!

These come in tan, but also leopard and black.

Of course, while browsing summer sandals I have inevitably formed a mental wish list that includes pairs with bathing beauties, lemon prints and florals, so I may be back soon with a more frivolous selection.