Good morning! Or afternoon if you’re reading this later on.

Today I have very Sunday plans that involve a trip to the Clutter City craft fair, followed by an afternoon of cups of tea in front of the TV. Probably catching up with some Roller Derby games on You Tube from Champs in November. Honestly that seems to be how I spend most of my Sundays.

Today, if I’m feeling energetic, I may also put the big, monster, 1970s tinsel Christmas tree up. It’s always the last of the decorations to go up as putting up a 70s tree is a bit of an undertaking. They don’t just unfurl like modern trees, you have to slot each branch individually into slots on the trunk. Once upon a time they were lettered according, but most of those are lost in the mists of time so instead it’s like a huge guessing game.

Anyway, this week I…..

Did my back in (again)

Long term readers might remember last June I did my back in. On Monday I did it again. It’s a little frustrating as I was just about to start some off season training doing lots of jumpy stuff for Roller Derby. My weights were building up well and I felt good. Then on Monday I was at the Gym doing deadlifts. I’d warmed up and everything, like a sensible person. Then on my second rep at 85kg I felt something go ping in my lower back. Obviously I immediately stopped, went and did some stretches, hobbled home had a nice relaxing bath and did more stretches. Thankfully I think I did all the right things and have stopped it turning into a months long trauma like it did last Summer. Still, it has meant a week off, some pain and that I will have to dial down my workouts for a bit. Ho hum.

I’ve always had a weak lower back. My Mum warned me I should be careful with this weight lifting lark, but I did remind her that the last 2 times I’ve done my back in it was carrying a cup of tea up stairs and getting a box of wax strips off the bottom shelf in Boots, so I don’t think we can blame the weights, which in the long run will make my back stronger.

Got a hair cut


That’s a picture of my lovely hairdressers, not my hair, obviously. The hair cut is the same short cut I had last time, all renewed ready for Christmas. Now I just need to do my roots….

Got festive

Operation festive is underway and I have been on a mission to bring on the festive spirit to bring me out of this mild funk I’ve been in recently.

This week I have worn not one, but 2 Christmas jumpers, eaten mince pies, drunk an Egg Nog Latte from a Starbucks red cup and undertaken an epic task in which I removed all the dust from my living room and replaced it with fairy lights and a gang of tiny Santas that live on the mantelpiece.

The festive spirit feels like it’s nearly seeping through. I shall put my Elf pyjamas on today, that will probably help. If you’re lucky I might post a photo of my Elf pyjamas on Instagram stories.


Dramatically Broke a glass

Technically *I* didn’t dramatically break a glass, Mr Chick did. Also it was actually 2 glasses. On Friday night we were so busy it was 9:30 before we had dinner and sat down to chill out with some TV before bed. I made myself a mince pie martini that I am experimenting with for a blog post, and Mr Chick made himself a gin and tonic with a miniature of fancy violet tonic we had.

He gave it to me to taste as it tasted like parma violets, and I reached across to put it down on a table next to him, just as he leant over to over to move something on the floor. On the way back up he gently nudged the glass, knocking it over. What happened next was the mistake that led to more than just a slightly damp floor and possibly a broken glass. He tried to catch the glass, and missed, propelling it several feet into the air. On the way MY cocktail glass also got knocked over, fell off the table and broke. The gin glass landed with a crash several feet away in the middle of the living room, scattering broken glass and gin and tonic across the entire room.

This is why I have wooden floors.


Got my first Christmas present

On Saturday I took part in a Secret Santa with watches2U. Unfortunately I missed the official opening on Twitter that morning as my gift didn’t turn up in the post till 1pm.

I’d picked out a pair of sunglasses for Suzi from Alternative Aging. My gift was signed from “S”, so I think she also bought my gift in return, which was a cute Cath Kidston watch!

The packet also contained a biscuit bauble iced with my name and lots of silver stars, which are now all over my living room floor, where they will stay till the hoover gets over its late night adventure with all the glass on Friday night.


How was your week?