Good morning. How are you this fine day? I hope you are planning a lovely relaxing Sunday.

I’m really not sure what I’m planning to do with today yet. I have things I should really do, but Sunday isn’t the day for those sorts of things. Sunday is a day for pyjamas, and possibly cake.

But anyway, if something exciting happens today I’ll be sure to tell you about it next week.

In the meantime, this week I…..

Tried to unlock the wrong locker

I’m going to start with this thrilling story in order to manage your expectations of todays post. There are no thrilling tales of derring do. Just that time I spent a good 2 minutes panicking because I couldn’t unlock my gym locker, before realising that MY locker was actually 2 doors along. My life is SO exciting.

The gym I belong to is a big chain and the lockers require a padlock. They sell branded padlocks in the vending machines at a slightly inflated price. Now, when I joined I wasn’t stupid, I went to the hardware store around the corner and bought a super cheap padlock, which worked fine until I somehow managed to change the combination in my pocket and couldn’t open it.

So I bought a new super cheap one and then one day at the gym I had some kind of mini melt down and couldn’t figure out why my padlock wouldn’t go through the locker door. At this time I’d been locking that door with a padlock for 3 or 4 months, but today, I couldn’t get it to work. I assumed the padlock must be broken and went and bought an expensive branded padlock from the machine. When THAT still wouldn’t work I finally worked out that it was actually my brain that was broken. You have to pull the lock out to get the padlock through it. Like I had been for 4 months already.

So, that is the story of how I ended up with a padlock that looked exactly like the padlock of the person who used the locker 2 doors down from me, and therefore the reason that I spent some time trying to break into her locker. I’m glad she didn’t come in while I was trying because that level of stupid is hard to explain.

And if those 2 exciting locker based stories don’t make you worry for my sanity then nothing will.

Designed some mugs

Hey, I’m really excited by this! I have re-opened my Etsy shop. Only this time I’m not planning to sell vintage. At the moment the shop contains 3 mugs I designed with quotes about glamour. My favourite is this black and white striped one. It’s all my favourite things in one mug!

I have some more product lines in development, which is a phrase I really like saying as it sounds really fancy. So watch this space!

Put the big tree up

Yay! I finally got around to putting up the 70s tinsel monstrosity with its individual branches that need slotting in to the trunk. This is the tree that all my special baubles go on. I can tell you where they all came from, who gave them to me or where I bought them. If you really want me to of course, mysteriously many people aren’t interested in hearing the story behind each of my Christmas tree baubles, but I love them.

Sorry for the terrible blurry photo, but that’s what you get in these Sunday posts!

Got covered in plaster dust

On Friday night I was peacefully watching Have I Got News For You when there was a crashing noise from the back of the house. Accompanied by appropriate “What the F**k was that?!” noises we rushed out to the kitchen to find the source of the mysterious crashing noise.

It was this….

Yep, that’s a huge chunk of my kitchen ceiling that just gave up the ghost and fell into the kitchen sink. Everything was covered in plaster dust, so we spent a relaxing Friday night clearing it up and pondering what the hell we were going to do about the huge hole in the ceiling.

Watched Gremlins

Because Gremlins is an ace Christmas movie. All Christmas movies should have tiny monsters singing along to Snow White in them.

I also drank far too many Christmas cocktails and ate turkey burgers and Christmas pudding whilst wearing Elf pyjamas. I take this Christmas thing very seriously.

And that was another exciting installment of the adventures of Retro Chick!

How was your week?