My quest for a grown up skin care routine continues.

I’ve never been bad at looking after my skin. I’ve (almost) always taken my make-up off before bed, used a moisturiser and my skin has remained pretty OK well into my 30s. My teenage obsession with following everything that fashion magazines told me to do seems to have paid off.

In the past I have occasionally treated my skin to a face mask or some exfoliation, but never regularly. However, there comes a point in your life when you realise that, like the rest of you, your skin isn’t getting any younger and it needs a bit of pampering every now and then. So this year I’ve been trying out some new products to give my skin a bit of love.

Most recently I was invited to an event with Glam Glow. I couldn’t attend, but they offered to put some samples in the post, to which I agreed. The “samples” took an age to arrive, but when they did they turned out to be 2 full size pots of the most glamorously packaged skin care I have ever had the joy to lay my eyes on.

I was sent the FlashMud and the ThirstyMud. FlashMud is an exfoliating and brightening treatment mask containing white birch leaf and something called diamond photoluminescence, which sounds incredibly exciting (and possibly made up, I can’t say for sure). ThirstyMud contains less dramatic sounding ingredients, and is an intense moisturising treatment that can be used in a multitude of ways. Use it as a mask, an overnight moisturiser, or as an intense moisturiser, during a long haul flight, for instance.

I have been trialling these for a good 6 weeks now and have settled into a little routine with them. 2 or 3 times a week as recommended was too much for me and made my skin break out at first. Used weekly, however, they make my skin feel super fresh, sparkling and smooth.

They have become part of my post Roller Derby Thursday night routine. I apply the FlashMud while I run a bath, then relax for 20 minutes while it works its magic, rinse it off and then apply a thin layer of the ThirstyMud as an overnight treatment, before waking up on Friday morning with glowing smooth skin.

These are not cheap products. They are £39 for a full price pot, but there are smaller travel sample sizes available for £14 if you want to give them a try before committing. Using them once a week means they will last an age. I think I’m barely halfway down a pot at the moment.

They really do make my skin feel gorgeous. Despite my drive to thriftiness I’m not willing to give up on everything that costs money. I firmly believe there are things worth investing in if they work, and skin care is one of them. I’ve yet to find a cleanser that justifies a hugely hefty price tag, but moisturisers and skin treatments have proved their worth to me!

Plus, look how sexy I look with a face slathered in ThirstyMud.

Find out more about Glam Glow on the website. The products were sent to me with no obligation to review, all opinions are my own, obviously.