Happy Easter!

I have started my Easter Sunday as is traditional, by eating Mini Eggs for breakfast. There was only one small pack of mini eggs in my giant egg, as Mr Chick knows me well and had replaced all the mini eggs with a jar of peanut butter, which I will later spread on hot cross buns. Yum.

I hope you all have a lovely Easter Sunday planned, with lots of chocolate. But if you’re bored, then you can spend a few minutes reading about another exciting week in my life.

Because this week I…..

Went out for Cocktails

Honestly, I do feel like this week has been full of good things. It started on Sunday when we went out to celebrate Mr Chick completing the Norwich Half Marathon. He trained hard and a few Happy Hour Cocktails were well-earned.

I can’t remember what these were called, but they were very nice.

Spilt hummus down my top

Ok, so this might not exactly fall into the “good things” list. On Monday I had a chicken and hummus wrap for lunch. It was very nice. About an hour later the doorbell rang and there was someone delivering a parcel. I opened the door, exchanged pleasantries, took the large box. Shut the door, and then, as I looked down to put the box down noticed hummus all down the front of my top.

Not just a little bit of hummus. Enough hummus that frankly I’m surprised there was any left in the wrap.

So, yeah, the delivery man thinks I’m a disgusting slob. A middle class disgusting slob who walks around with hummus on her top.

Drank Coffee twice

And the excitement just doesn’t stop coming!

We went out for coffee twice this week. When you work from home it’s nice to get out of the house and do something a bit different. There was some money on my Starbucks card, so early in the week we spent it on a Salted Caramel Latte at Starbucks. Later on we stopped for an impulsive flat white in a little local cafe.

Seriously, I’m getting all my excitement in one week this month. Don’t expect this kind of hedonistic lifestyle to continue. Especially when you find out what I did next.

Ate cheese

This is a long awaited treat!

The pub down the road from us does wine and cheese Tuesdays. Every week Mr Chick says “Hey, we should go”, then we decide it’s too expensive and stay home and watch Netflix.

This week we still had some money left from our weekend budget and decided to splash out. It was a SERIOUSLY good cheeseboard. We ate lots of cheese and chatted to a cute cat for a bit that made a guest appearance on my instagram stories. I’m allergic to cats, so I only chatted from a distance, but it was still super cute.

Ordered too many bananas

After all the cocktails, coffee and cheese excitement I think it’s only sensible to balance it out with some of the darker sides of life.

Beware the risks of online shopping.

Every week I order bananas for my breakfast smoothies with my Sainsburys order. This week I ordered 6 bananas. Except I forgot to move the slider across from Kg to items.

Now I have 6kg of Bananas.

Had a wing mirror stolen

Ok, so this is a little more serious than over ordering bananas. I was so apoplectic with rage, I can’t remember when I was last so angry.

We have a little second-hand car. A few weeks ago we had to pay out to replace the coil (which Mr Chick did himself and was terribly proud of) and we also bought a new wing mirror cover as one of ours had fallen off at some point. It was about £20, not super expensive, but enough when you’re on a budget.

This week Mr Chick went out to the car and found someone had stolen both the glass and wing mirror cover from the drivers side. The mirror was folded in and they had unfolded it and carefully unplugged and removed it. So now we have to buy new glass and another new wing mirror cover.

My rage may seem a little out of proportion, but there was just something about the fact that someone had selfishly decided their need for a piece of our property was more important than ours that really pushed my buttons. It’s not that we have to buy a new one, though that is irritating, it’s that we have to buy a new one because someone else didn’t want to and has so little respect for other peoples property that they thought they could just help themselves to ours. I could rant about this for some time, but it’s likely to get a bit incoherent so I won’t.

I’m very cross, quite upset, and am secretly hoping that karma is a real thing and comes back and bites the thieves in the butt.

Pondered the mystery of the ring

Just because we don’t want to leave this week on the dark tale of stolen wing mirrors. I will leave you with the mystery of the ring.

Last night we decided to go out for a beer. We stopped in a local real ale pub that, even on a bank holiday saturday night, almost always has a table free and is generally frequented by old men who, even if they don’t actually wear flat caps, seem like the kind of men who SHOULD wear flat caps.

Last night it was mysteriously entirely full of a huge group of young blokes downing pints of lager and chanting. They were pleasant enough, but rowdy enough that the bar staff had decided to move the free range eggs they sell to behind the bar for safe keeping.

So, instead of getting a table we ended up stood by a window sill. On the window sill were plants. On one of the plants was a ring. There were bushy leaves growing above it so it had obviously been there a while. How did it get there? Why did someone put it there? This seemed a huge mystery. We invented elaborate stories about the ring.

Then the big group of blokes left, all the men in flat caps took a sigh of relief. The eggs went back on the front of the bar, and we went and found a proper table to sit at where we didn’t have to think about mysterious rings.

How do you think it got there?

How was your week?