I’ve always been a bit wary of fancy fit kit.

Yes, I have a penchant for funky leggings, but I’ve never considered buying that sort of super glam, high end, actual stylish stuff. Stuff like all the Instagram stars wear, the ones who work out in gyms with floor to ceiling windows and lots of glass and chrome rather than blood on the weights (oh yeah, I found blood on the weights in my gym, blurgh.).

Why not? Well, because I’m short and I have chunky legs and frankly it’s hard to imagine what that stuff will look like on me rather than on a willowy fitness model.

Well, today I can answer that question, as today I have an outfit post with a bit of a difference, because I’m wearing sportswear.

I’ve been sent some gorgeous kit in the past, but I’ve always felt a bit silly taking outfit photos like I would for a fancy frock. But in the spirit of the whole new fitness and lifestyle thing, I plan to do a few more. Not least because I think it’s good to see how that fancy fit kit will look on the less than tall and willowy.

This particular fit kit comes from Boudavida. Boudavida are a high end sportswear company who donate 5% of every sale to female athletes and projects that support women’s sport. This is a big deal to me and something I care passionately about. As an amateur female athlete who didn’t find her way into it until her 30s I really feel the fact that of all the sports media coverage in the UK only 7% of it is dedicated to women. Only 0.4% of the commercial money invested in sport in the UK goes to Women’s sports, so buying a pair of leggings that will directly benefit female athletes feels pretty amazing.

Also, this stuff is so darn gorgeous I had to take photos of it.

The Sassy leggings are actually reversible, this side is a dark grey with a damask print, while the other side is a white herringbone. The double layer fabric means that the leggings are thick and don’t go see through, though I did notice that on my chunky legs I feel a bit like the white under layer makes them perhaps a lighter colour on my legs than they look on the slender model!

The leggings are high waisted and have a zip up pocket on the small of the back. Something I LOVE in running leggings so I don’t spend my whole run worried that my house key/emergency £5/gels are going to work their way out of the stupid open pocket and be 3 miles behind me on the floor when I need them. Seriously, I’m not sure who decided those stupid little slit pockets were a good idea in running kit.

The Valiant hoodie is perhaps my favourite thing ever. I might actually live in it. It has delicious rose gold zip details, including 2 zip side pockets and a zip pocket on the arm, thumb holes, which I love in winter running tops, and cosy hood.


So, is the fancy fit kit worth it? Well, to be honest I was slightly disappointed that when I put it on I still looked like me, and not like an inspirational fitspo poster.

The jacket I love and would buy again in a heart beat. The leggings are comfortable, I love the print and I love the zip pocket and high waist, BUT, well I dunno, I feel like I could have chubby legs in a cheaper pair of leggings, though I suppose I might lose my keys and end up locked out of the house.

Overall the fancy fit kit makes me feel like a trendy gym bunny when I put it on. I feel amazing in it. Is it worth it? Pretty much yes, plus buying it gives money back to Women’s sports, and that’s pretty special.

♥ Valiant Hoodie and Sassy Leggings c/o Boudavida 
♥ Running Shoes – Nike Lunarglide