Today is our wedding anniversary. Mr LLL and I were married 12 years ago. TWELVE YEARS!

Sunday is a terrible day to have an Anniversary as the entire of Norwich is shut, so our plans at the moment involve taking the Pugs for an epic walk and drinking a bottle of Aldi champagne out of vintage coupes that Mr LLL calls “silly glasses” but humours me by drinking out of occasionally (he would drink Champagne out of pint glasses if he had his choice).

Anyway, todays adventures are next weeks diary.

So, this week I…..

Played D&D for the First Time

Possibly inspired slightly by Stranger Things, some friends of our bought a D&D starter pack and last Sunday we say down to play for the first time.

My character is an Elf, Galadrial Ilfelkiir, and every time we get in a fight she gets knocked unconcious almost immediately. I’m fairly certain that eventually she will have magic that will make her pretty bad ass, but right now my job is basically to hide when there’s a fight.

It’s complicated, but fun.

I used to play a similar Star Wars role playing game when I was a teenager (First Lieutenant Lara Zane, X-Wing Pilot at your service) but there were other people who knew the rules then so I didn’t have to work out what I was doing!

Slept through 2 alarms

I’m an 8 hours sleep a night kind of a gal and recently I’ve been getting around 6 just because we’ve been super busy and I’ve been getting to bed late.

This was the week my body rebelled and had me sleep right through 2 alarm clocks.

Good job I’m self-employed……

Found out we needed a new engine

Things have been going pretty well. We’re both self-employed now and that can be a bit scary at times, but we’re getting by and we have a little buffer of savings as a security blanket.

Then on Tuesday the car failed it’s MOT. And it doesn’t just need a new tyre or a new windscreen, oh no. It needs a new ENGINE. FFS.

A new engine and a new car will basically cost the same amount, and pretty much wipe out our little savings buffer, so the next decision is, what to do for the best.

“New” car, new engine, or having no car at all and not being able to go anywhere, ever.

Sob. Trying not to cry…….

Got irrationally annoyed by knives and forks

Why are these vintage knives and forks? Because they are in a pink and cream stripy box?

I like the occasional candy stripe, but is it vintage?

This is why I got so bloody annoyed with being a “vintage” blogger. I got sick of press releases about candy striped knives and forks.

Anyway, I won’t rant anymore.

Bought a clothes airer

The old one kept collapsing, and we kept using it till it collapsed so much you couldn’t put clothes on it. Then we bought a new one.

Blimey this is an exciting week isn’t it.

Bet you can’t wait to find out what else I bought this week?

Bought Pop-a-Ball bubbles

A bit more exciting for you?

Actually I bloody loved these!

They pop in your mouth which, on the downside, makes you drink your wine really quickly so you can catch them all and pop them because it is fun.

These ones say Gin bubbles, but you can put them in anything. Except possibly a cup of tea, not sure that would be very nice.

And that was another exciting week in my life!

How was your week?